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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Ping the Wiki Team
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 13:42:35 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5471001280442n5e77b88exdfa8dd6bb893fd75@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

2010/1/28 Rajko M. <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Malcom needs some answer and just reverting changes is not the one.

Taking time between agreement to create and use table, until it was finally
online, I can understand that you have forgotten that table was planned a
while ago, but change should not be unexpected. I also understand from short
answers mixed in full quoted text that you have time pressure, so some stuff
may slip out of focus.

Actually I haven't heard a single word about the Transition_table
until it was brought to my attention that way. Again, there's no
question that sending my complaints to the public list was a mistake,
not intended at all and I'm really sorry for that. But still, I'm not
aligned with the way the Transition_table has been established.
Neither from the perspective of informing me as the coordinator of the
big picture here nor from the perspective of communicating this to
involved parties (existing and potential contributors).

I didn't take time to make table just for fun or to remove * (asterisk) in
previous list. Table should help transition to go without unnecessary work and
cover needs that were identified up to now, and that is why I added few more
tags for status page, with possibly more to come.

New tags are documented on top of the table, table is numbered so that is not
a problem to find right line to edit (unlike previous with asterisk), and if
there is more question I'll answer them.

The change in Translation guidelines is just to reflect how the table should
be used, because if we use it correctly it saves people working on transition
few hundred edits of articles that are reviewed. We have to remove templates
before moving them to the new instance. How much work is that can tell anybody
working on transition, and anyone that ever tried to fix lack of indexing
adding categories to articles. It can take days before that is finished.

That was reason to remove references to templates.
They are used enough by now, and there is already enough work to cleanup
existing articles.

As of the Transition_table itself, I understand your motivation to
create it, I appreciate it and I'm fine with its utilization instead
of the former template/asterisk/transition_list approach if that way
to deal with the process is easier to maintain from a long term
perspective for wiki seniors (and more convenient for Reviewers)

What I complaining about, and I still stand there, is the following:
1. I had no knowledge at all about the changes prior to this conversation
2. The community/volunteers is/are dependent on tools we provide and
may them be better (something I don't doubt here), we need to
communicate this loudly especially if we previously were loud about
the Wiki review at forums.o.o, lizards.o.o, news.o.o, the list and
follows. Furthermore people get used to processes and we tried hard to
explain these to various parties .. this assumed, it's at best
semi-optimal to establish something new, especially in the way it has
been done.
3. To sum this up: It's hard to do my work if such structural changes
(valuable or not) are done without any notification. Correct me if I'm
wrong, but I haven't seen one, neither in my inbox, at news, lizards,
forums or elsewhere.

That all said, I'd appreciate a BIG notice on the very top of
in order to make them aware of the changes not only by reading and
noticing "Hey, that has changed since I read this last time" but as a
top notice before previously involved people jump in and get confused
in trying to help us.

Something along the lines:
"Community volunteers, if you contributed to these efforts previously,
we'd like to make you aware of the following (if not just skip this):
we previously utilized Transition_list (URL) and templates (URL, URL,
URL) in order to coordinate the Reviewing process of existing articles
at en.o.o. After discussing this approach team-internally, we decided
to establish Transition_table (URL) as a replacement in order to make
the process more convenient both for Reviewers and from a long term
maintenance perspective. Thanks for your understanding, the modified
process is explained in detail below."

Last but not least, I'd herewith like to request that further changes
of that sort are communicated better (at least I should know in order
to be able to communicate it and to throw in my 0.02$ before they are



Regards Rajko,

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