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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Re: Mentoring session - December 27th, 17h00 UTC
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 16:33:34 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470912230733w2a8e573at82d375c18adeb30d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I try to explain the distinction once again. The Wiki team and I have
been working on a Usability concept for almost 3 months now. We
thought about the Structure of the new wiki, categorization, Layout,
Visual presentation, consistent look&feel, Guideline creation and so
on and so forth. People participating in that process are referred to
as the Wiki Team.

Now, as we have our new instance up and running at wiki.o.o and are
actually ready to get started with the transition, we reached out to
the community asking for help with the article transition: that means
we need (and now have) a crowd of knowledged people that are willing
to help us with the reviewing of the content we have .. as we
recruited most of those people out of the forums, we call them the
forums squad (who the hell invented that term btw?). Look at it from
that perspective .. If you contribute to the forums by assisting the
community you're not automatically a forums moderator while it's
certainly appreciated if you join the forums team and become one. That
said, every "member of the forums squad" is certainly welcome to join
the Wiki team from a long term perspective by participating in the
wiki on a regular basis and do jobs a forums moderator also do .. just
in the wiki. I never expected such an endless discussion about that
though. The purpose is clear .. we (the Wiki team) try to get a crowd
of volunteers synced in order to empower them to properly do the
reviewing of content we currently have in the wiki in conformity with
the QA standards we defined.

The intention of the mentoring session is, as i said several times
before, to sync all contributors and make them aware of the QA
standards we defined. ONLY that way we're able to achieve something
awesome. I'm not sure if something is still unclear but if it is,
please ask. Let me draw a metaphor: If you're an architect working for
months on a plan to build a new house you need to sync all craftsmen
before getting started ..otherwise they'll most liekly build a church
or whatever or even something you cannot call a building .. that's by
no mean the failure of craftsmen .. it's unprofessionalism of the
architect if he fails to communicate the concept to all workers.

To clarify FSundermeyer's announcement: We'll do Article reviewing of
all content we have according to our QA standards and this will happen
like follows:

1. We mentor all volunteers and assign specific articles to specific
contributors after the session.
2. The volunteers will review the articles assigned to them and "flag"
them with a Reviewed template once done according to the standards we
3. The Wiki team (sysops at wiki.o.o) will then transfer and proper
categorize the reviewed content into the new instance and once this is
done, wiki.o.o will become en.o.o


2009/12/23 jdd-gmane <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>:
Le 23/12/2009 13:42, DenverD a écrit :

question: will there be an enduring team who can and will take a
coherent, well written/structured and needed article consisting of
WORDS and add the wiki markup?

basically, the wiki markup is text. Understanding titles is not that
difficult, lists neither. that'ds nearly all.

the tables can be a nightmare to edit if more than 4/5 lines

so, yes, if there is no team there will be no wiki.

notice that the present "wiki mess" is much better than no wiki at all :-)



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