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Re: [opensuse-wiki] Namespaces for the wiki.o.o
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 16:14:34 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470912230714g5cbaf794tea9f2c9483b9c292@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

regarding Namespaces I have a single desire: All "distro
documentation" needs to be in one namespace to be able to utilize our
QA approach with FlaggedRevs and the wiki forum. Nothing else besides
"distro documentation" (i.e. those articles/tutorials interesting from
an end-user perspective) should end up in the same Namespace, e.g. the
Weekly News/SDB and so on and so forth.

Let me explain: FlaggedRevs outputs RSS for RecentChanges of a certain
namespace and this RSS feed will be utilized by "forumsadmin" RSS
auto-posting bot to create corresponding reviewing threads at
forums.o.o. That said, either we find a way to restrict the RSS to
"distro documentation" other than with Namespaces OR we need to make
sure that "distro documentation" is in a seperate namespace (=main).
If we neglect this, the whole QA concept isn't achievable and this
certainly isn't desirable. I mean no threads should be created for
editions of the OWN, neither for team pages, guidelines, SDB and alike
information in the wiki. Only end-user interesting "distro
documentation" is to be considered here and if I got Rajko right this
is just achievable with Namespace separation.


2009/12/23 Frank Sundermeyer <fs@xxxxxxx>:

sorry for creating another thread on this topic, but I think this is something
that we should finally solve, so creating a new thread seemed the best option
to me.

To me it seems there is a lot of confusion about the purpose of namespaces, so
let me first try to shine a little light on this (please read!):


Purpose of namespaces:

Namespaces allow to _separate_ between content for the _editing community_
(like howtos on writing articles, guidelines, etc) and _readers_

"Namespaces allow, among other things, a separation of content from policy and
discussion. They encourage separation of the pages of a wiki into a core set
intended for public viewing, and private information intended for the editing

How are pages outside the main namespace handled?

Basically pages not from the main namespace are handled just as any other
page, the only difference that is visible firsthand is the name prefix

However, there are two other main differences:
* a regular search will _not_ find any pages outside of the main namespace,
 because the default search is limited to the main namespace
* Special:AllPages by default only displays pages from the main namespace. You
 can select other namespaces to display, but only one at a time. Displaying
 pages from all namespaces is not possible

Which namespaces exist by default?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because MediaWiki relies on the presence of system namespaces
(the ones listed above) throughout the code, these cannot be deleted.


Now my 2 cents:

* Having read the above, it IMHO should be clear that it does not make sense,
 to divide the content into different namespaces such as developer, news,
 etc. Nor does it make sense to use the existing SDB namespace in teh future.

* Since the default namespaces cannot be deleted we should utilize them before
 introducing new namespaces - e.g. "Help" for editing instructions,
 describing extensions, or openSUSE (aka Meta) for guidelines, etc.

* We do not want people searching for an article to be pointed to a portal
 page rather than to the article itself. Therefore I would suggest to put
 them into a to be created namespace Portal

* Apart from "Portal" I would not add any other namespaces, but rather delete
 the custom ones we now have /howtos, faqs, SDB, SDB talk


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