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[opensuse-wiki] Category structure
  • From: Mike Gentry <mike.h.gentry.lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 01:07:49 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <hgp655$dh0$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Jon pointed this page out on the forum;

One thing I don't fully understand; we are trying to avoid page names
like YaST/Tutorials/Simple YaST Module/Using the Access to the
Configuration Data, (and so we should! Cripes!), and using categories as
part of the strategy to get there. This, and things like the tree view
function do look like they'll help a lot.

So we have a Category:YaST, and a subcategory Category:YaST_modules (made
a subcategory simply by putting a link to Category:YaST at the end of the
page, if I'm following...)

My instinct would be to make Category:YaST_modules a subpage of
Category:YaST, as well as a subcategory.

This may be exactly what you were referring to when you spoke of people
carrying the filesystem hierarchy mentality into the wiki with them - but
to me it seems logical, and perhaps makes navigating fractionally easier
- you can, for example, tell your browser to go 'up' to parent, and it'll
take you to the more general category. It would presumably also put a
hierarchy of links at the top of the page, something like
which you can use to navigate around in - and it might make macros to
search or list child pages, for example, available to us.

Now I suppose that page name is pretty ugly, but then most people aren't
going to spend much time looking at the categories, but the pages. Surely
the purpose of the categories is precisely to abstract this structural
information out of the pages, and present it clearly; making the category
pages highly structured would not necessarily entail making the actual
pages follow that structure too. Presumably there aren't going to be all
that many levels of nested categories, so I think the problem might be
manageable - if there are, that may be an indication that the categories
haven't been thought out properly.

I see that wikipedia also does it the way you're proposing, and
presumably they've thought about it longer than any of us could... I'm
just wondering what the reasoning is, and have possibly misunderstood
everything completely... ;)

Thanks, Mike. (you maybe start to understand why I called myself
confuseling, and have a bowl of petunias for an avatar...)

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