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Re: [opensuse-wiki] wiki.o.o test of new functions
  • From: Shayon Mukherjee <hkwarlock@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 15:33:33 +0530
  • Message-id: <4B2F47F5.7050609@xxxxxxxxx>
Rajko M. wrote:
We imported pretty large body of articles from old wiki that will allow us to
test wiki. Further imports will be done only if we really need article or

What is left to upload are images that are missing so that we can really test
complete page layout. Right now we have bug that prevents creation of
thumbnails so we have time to upload images.

The number of new features is quite large comparing to old wiki version 1.5,
so we will have quite a job to test them. You can see list of features here:

Sorting articles in categories and subcategories is very important in order
use new tools.

It shifts majority of efforts on one time categorization of existing fond in
the old wiki, and then export to new one category by category. New software
allows us to name category and it will automatically create list of articles
that are listed there, so it will be easier track transfer.

The files (images etc) is right now the most labor intensive. We have to see
is it possible to categorize them and transfer as category, if not them we
have to run quite a few downloads from old wiki and uploads to the new one.

Hello ,
Yes , a large amount of Articles have been transfered and i completely
agree with you on transfereing only required content.So in order to
that, IMO contents like sub-projects --Education ( which currently i am
handling) , Project Namespace ( only required ones) , Project related
content (like Members , Boards , etc) and so on should be
included,concerned to that i guess a list would be a better option (
only for required content) so to have a smooth transition.

Images part is labor intensive which i very much experienced yesterday
with the Education thing.Hope that theres some way out. :P

Few more thing i would like to point out is that , -( this is prior to
the discussion of Frank and Shayon (me) )

1) How do we mark pages that have been transferred/merged in the "old" wiki
1.1) A template is created which would mark and at the same will
categorize the articles for the same.

Template Link -
Category Link -

2)How we sort the Articles which do not follow the Article Template ( at
least most of them should follow)
2.1) To mark the articles which do not follow the Article Template and
categorize them at the same time a template is created

Template Link -
Category Link -

Shayon Mukherjee
openSUSE Wiki Team
Email: hkwarlock@xxxxxxxxx
Twitter: ShayonM

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