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[opensuse-wiki] Minutes and AIs - Wiki Team Meeting, December Sunday, 6th
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 13:30:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470912080430l58df1a91pd541edec3b325a14@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

here are the Meeting Minutes and the AI assignments of our Wiki Team
Meeting on the 6th of December 2009 at 19:00 UTC. I'd like to
encourage everyone interested in contributing to the actual transition
to contact the respective assignees for AIs listed below. We need
every helping hands to ensure a smooth transition into the new wiki
instance and thus your help is certainly much appreciated by the wiki
team. That said I encourage everyone to read the transcript at - it's
not feasible to cover every fine detail of the discussion we had.

1. New instance and extensions - Assignee: Frank, Matt
We'll have our new wiki instance with the requested extensions at DNS
wiki.o.o (most likely along with an additional playground instance)
available soon - approx. ETA is end of this week. Requesting of
additional MediaWiki extensions should be done until then (at the
latest), please contact Frank. Once the new instance is available
we'll start with the actual transition .. our focus is the english
wiki at first glance .. de, fr, es should be processed once the
english one is done .. we'll reach out to sysadmins of other
language-specific wikis to discuss what to do with those (start from
scratch or migrate existing content according to the transition plan
of the english one).

2. Templates - Assignee: Rajko, Remy, Shayon
- The work to re-organize the available wiki-templates is done to 98%
- they are now listed in a visually appealing way and explained at
- Remy got started with the Article template we'll adopt to
existing pages before migrating them into the new instance. The
intention is to come up with a consistent design for openSUSE end-user
documentation. The reader will appreciate a consistent look&feel while
accessing the openSUSE wiki. Furthermore the approach to link related
articles and useful background information on top of every page
highers the general usablity for the end-user (for more details on
this, please read the meeting transcript). Input on the Article
template, ideas to improve it and general brainstorming input is
- Remy also got started with a Portal Template

3. QA - FlaggedRevs & Wiki Forum - Assignee: Rajko, Rupert
FlaggedRevs MediaWiki extension (details: transcript) will be our QA
flagship in combination with the Wiki-Forum as a proofreading/approval
platform for new articles as well as new Draft FlaggedRevs revisions
of articles. Remaining issue here is how to efficiently link the
forums and the FlaggedRevs approach. Rupert and Rajko are responsible
to investigate the opportunities we have to "automagically" create
vbulletin forums threads for new articles/new draft FlaggedRevs
revisions of articles. We'd appreciate to have it working that way -
If that turns out to be impossible, we need to investigate sufficient
workarounds. Input from vBulletin/MediaWiki/FlaggedRevs professionals
is much appreciated here.

4. New wiki structure - Assignee: Henne, Rajko
Henne proposed a new structure for the wiki on the list earlier and
we'll use it within the new instance (maybe with minor adjustments).
Rajko raised some questions at
and proposed the creation of additional namespaces (openSUSE wiki use
besides distro documentation) .. this is a very valuable idea to
diminish the current mess of content in the wiki. Only valuable
end-user documentation should be delivered to the reader.

5. Transition Guidelines/plan - Assignee: Rajko, Remy
We need a transition plan that documents and clearly sorts the several
steps we need to achieve to ensure a smooth transition. We already
discussed (more or less) the whole process during the transition
meeting but we value to have a master document for the whole team.
Assignees come up with this document and everyone is asked to
contribute to the initial draft provided by Rajko and Remy. The
Transition guide needs to cover the procedure on how to actually do
the transition and how to proceed with Checked_Pages (selecting of
articles to migrate/articles to throw away, adopt selected articles to
our Quality standards from a usability, design, formulation and
conception perspective, adopt the new Article template to ensure
consistent design of existing documentation and then finally migrate
and so on and so forth) - I won't write the actual transition
Guidelines now :-)

6. Guidelines for editors - Assignee: Rupert, Rajko, Remy
The current situation of available documentation on how to edit the
wiki, how to design articles, how to properly use templates and such
is both messed up and hardly accessible for new editors. This
situation at best discourage people to contribute to the wiki and we
urgently need to change this. As discussed and decided earlier in the
process we need Guidelines for editors that are easily accessible at
the new main Portal and that cover the very basics - the document
should be readable in at least 5-10 minutes and the new editor should
know how to get started contributing. Shayon took the time to list
documantation we have in this regard (Help namespace etc.) and
provided an overview at
The new Guidelines should both give a quick overview and provide an
opportunity to dive into more deatiled information Shayon listed.
Furthermore we need to scan the available documentation we have and
merge, re-work, fine-tune and summarize. The creation of Guidelines is
assigned as team work for the whole wiki team (e.g. Rupert provides
input on QA - Wiki forum), Rajko and Remy are responsible to come up
with an initial draft document everyone else contributes to.

Please add things I maybe missed and ask if something isn't clear!
Again, please (re-)read the transcript of our meeting at -
we're currently in a very mission-critical phase of the Usability
Concept and it's particularly important that everyone involved is
fully aware of the process we implement. We have the opportunity to
come up with something really awesome and valuable for the openSUSE
community IF we all act upon the decided process. Let's do this and be
sure to work hand in hand as much as possible.

Rupert Horstkötter
openSUSE Community Assistant
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Jabber: ruperthorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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