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Re: [opensuse-web] Why PgConf US chose OSEM

Am Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2017, 20:28:18 CET schrieb Adam Spiers:

But I think a lot of people end up avoiding collaboration almost by
accident - through a lack of thought / awareness about this issue.
There are so many times that I've spotted someone building a new tool
or project which obviously duplicates something which is already out
there, and when I ask them why they're doing that, it's usually
because either

- they didn't even remember to search for anything similar first
before writing their own (and yes, I'm occasionally guilty of that
too), or

- they did search, had a very quick look at one or two existing
solutions, and then decided to make their own anyway based on very
dubious arguments, without investing any real effort in finding out
whether it would be possible to adapt one of the existing solutions
to their needs.

I'd add
- the problem is too simple, and inventing a new wheel is faster than
searching for existing ones. Obviously, this is especially true for
"small" stuff like shell scripts and perfectly fine as long as those
things stay small. It isn't fine anymore when more and more code
gets added, and you end up with half a car instead of just a wheel ;-)

I probably don't need to give more examples of this phenomenon, but
here's a particularly good one:

I mean, how many Android metronome apps does the world really need?!
What the hell are these people thinking? I find it mind-boggling...

Sorry for the pun, but I have to do it:

Everybody ticks different ;-))
(and therefore needs his/her personal metronome)

That said - I'd guess the real reason is that it's a simple app (easy to
write, basically an endless loop of "sleep; beep;"), and you can still
include ads in it ;-)


Christian Boltz
PS: Ich denke, wir unterhalten uns hier
lieber mit Menschen statt mit Mohnbroetchen...
[Thomas Hertweck zu fo_mohnbroetchen(AT) in suse-linux]

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