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Re: [opensuse-web] Templates: Box-footer and other classes

Am Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011 schrieb Rajko M.:
On Saturday, December 17, 2011 05:22:28 AM Rajko M. wrote:
Is currently broken in Firefox.
Length is bigger then box that it suppose to close.

Nice about CSS clasess, they are short way to write CSS styles.
Bad, is that debugging is horror.

I wouldn't call it "horror", but you are right that it is slightly more
difficult than before. (Personally I would say it is easier now - but
that's probably because you could wake me up at 4 AM and I would find
the correct buttons in firebug ;-)

Before, I would see all styles in one place.
Now guess what, I have to wade trough MediaWiki:Common.css, look at
the page source to see how is that rendered, use Firebug to test
changes, iterate trough all that back and forth to get simple runover
footer under control.

... and the final result was that firebug was quite helpful to find the
correct solution because the problem came from an underlying
stylesheet - see my other mail yesterday ;-)

I know it's slightly harder for now, but we also get the benefit of
avoiding (CSS) code duplication [1].

If you are stuck somehow, just ask on the mailinglist. I can't promise
an instant reply (unless you attach a day with more than 24 hours to
your mail ;-) but I'll do what I can.

Good about that is that made me see what we actually have in


I think that guy that made all that did the job just as described in
the GCI task, with one catch, we missed to describe task properly.

I'm afraid you are right.
Nevertheless the current situation is an improvement IMHO because we
have a good overview over all styles now even if some class names are
not perfect.

Additionally we had the issues with load.php (aka "browsers can't load
Mediawiki:Common.css"), which didn't make it easier for the student :-(

Classes are there to make code text shorter and as in any programming
they make no sense if you don't save some typing. It is absolutely
not waranted if you introduce new commands that mean learning effort
with no benefits:

There is a big benefit - we can include the CSS in all wikis and use the
classes there, which means less duplication and having the same design


.expand {
border:2px solid #FF9900;

.forbidden-wrapper {
border:2px solid #FF9900;

Good catch - I merged them to
.expand, .forbidden-wrapper { ... }

We could use a single class name if we are sure that both templates
(Template:Forbidden and Template:Expand) will look similar forever.
OTOH, naming the CSS similar to the template makes it easier to

Or, what to do with classes for single template, like one below and
many more:

See above - most of them are used in several (or all) wikis, so there's
probably no class that is only used once ;-)

Did I mention that somewhere on TODO list that I fill with tasks, but
seldom empty it:
* Step_screenshot template, and similar is to be replaced with
Text_and_image, or Image_and_text.

Indeed, that makes sence (and would give better class names).

BTW: If you think some classes should get a better name, please speak up
now so that we get the final names _before_ using the classes in all

Like with any program, and CSS is programming language interpreted by
browser rendering engine, before you jump you must see what you want
as end effect, otherwise you replace one one hackish solution
(problem) with another.

Using CSS classes is definitively not hackish ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] I have some[tm] experience with code cleanup on the PostfixAdmin
code - basically I'm doing code cleanup (which mostly means removing
duplicated code) since more than 4 years there...
Seit wann schaut hier noch irgendeiner aufs Subject? Das hab ich mir
nur angesehen, als ich noch relativ neu war. Mittlerweile nehme ich
es nur mehr wahr, wenn es mehr als den halben Bildschirm verdeckt.
[Adalbert Michelic in suse-talk]

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