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Re: [opensuse-web] Templates: Box-footer

Am Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011 schrieb Rajko M.:
Is currently broken in Firefox.
Length is bigger then box that it suppose to close.

I've seen your solution to use width:99.36 (which is not really valid
CSS - I guess you meant 99.36_%_)

Anyway - such a strange number is usually a sign that something smells
fishy ;-) (and, not a big surprise, your 99.36 doesn't look correct on
my 12.1 system in Firefox and Konqueror.)

The correct solution is to use "width:auto" to override a "width:100%"
in base.css.

Needless to say that I found this out using your beloved ;-) Firebug
which is a great tool IMHO.

I fixed this in common.css and removed your temporary fix from
Template:Box-footer again.

The more interesting question is if the following CSS still makes sense
(base.css around line 181)

.box-header, .box-subheader, .box-footer {
width: 100%;

We already (have to) override it for box-footer, and removing the
width:100% doesn't seem to change anything (tested with firebug on

Does someone (Robert? Thomas?) know why the width: 100% is there?
IMHO it is superfluous and only causes problems, but of course I can't
do a final judgement from testing on a single wiki page ;-)


Christian Boltz
Weil ich einen Airbag im Auto habe fahre ich ja auch nicht dauernd mit
Vollgas gegen einen Baum nur um zu wissen das der Airbag funktioniert.
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