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[opensuse-web] Re: [opensuse-wiki] Wiki Upgrade Problems
Hi Matthew, please don't roll back the content of the english wiki, as
it doesn't have utf-8 characters in the titles, and there have been quite some
changes this week. We are starting the opensuse board elections today, and
use the wiki as platform for the candidates for example.

I have verified that it doesn't contain UTF8 in the titles and is safe to
continue. It will NOT be rolled back, and I have removed the lock on it.

An interesting thing I noticed is that the English wiki has a different
collation on the page table than the other wikis. It is a new wiki, unlike the
others, which have been upgraded from much earlier versions. That may be a
clue as to the root cause and how we can fix it.

The other wiki that is new, of course, is the German wiki. It has the same
collation on the page table as the English wiki, and it is different than the
old German wiki and all the other wikis.

Guess which UTF8 wiki isn't broken?

Also for the other wikis I hope there comes up a patch so we can fix the page
titles without losing
the new edits. I think there also have been some changes in the german wiki at
It looks like the German wiki is actually fine, for the reasons mentioned
above. I'll remove the lock on it soon. I'm working hard on saving the
others. I think the Russian wiki may be a lost cause, but I haven't lost hope

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