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Re: [opensuse-web] forums: scrolling for code output

on Sonntag, 21. August 2011, Felix Miata wrote:
main-rollup.css. Also, leave the newlines that are in the source in
the files actually used by the pages, so that hunting down this kind
of trouble's root isn't so difficult.

I wouldn't be too surprised if main-rollup.css is merged from several
CSS files.

You should try firefox + firebug extension - it makes hunting CSS issues
quite easy.

The main problem is that the HTML code contains
<pre class="bbcode_code" style="height:192px;">

If I remove the hardcoded height, no scrolling is needed. I don't know
why the height is hardcoded, it is definitively a bad idea.

Besides that, main-rollup.css should be slightly changed so that the
scrollbars are only displayed when needed. Additionally a max-height for
<pre> would make sence IMHO.

.bbcode_container div.bbcode_code, .bbcode_container pre.bbcode_code {
overflow:auto; /* instead of "overflow:scroll" */
max-height:500px; /* optional */

Oh, and using main-rollup.css?d=$number results in firefox always re-
requesting the CSS file on every page load. The server reply is always a
"304 Not Modified", but without the attached ?d=$number firefox would
probably use the cached file instead of re-requesting it each time.


Christian Boltz
Die Lösung ist denkbar einfach und naheliegend: Ich bin ein Trottel.
Aber das wussten wir ja schon. :-) [Ratti in suse-linux]
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