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Re: [opensuse-virtual] Chainloaded Leap 42.1 Xen Dom0 on EFI hardware -- network offline, xen init failing: "Failed to start The Xen xenstore"
In addition to the earlier trace, I've also noticed wicked & xenstored "acting up", delaying boot / login sequence.

Booting kernel-xen + Xen on OPensuse Leap, boot sequence stalls at login prompt

[ OK ] Mounted mount xenstore file system.
[ OK ] Listening on xenstore ro socket.
[ OK ] Listening on xenstore socket.
Starting The Xen xenstore...

Welcome to openSUSE Leap 42.1 - Kernel 4.3.0-6.g6b3b033-xen (xvc0).

xensvr login: root

for ~ 90+ seconds. non responsive. then proceeds

login: timed out after 60 seconds
Stopping Serial Getty on xvc0...
[ OK ] Stopped Serial Getty on xvc0.
Starting Serial Getty on xvc0...
[ OK ] Started Serial Getty on xvc0.

Welcome to openSUSE Leap 42.1 - Kernel 4.3.0-6.g6b3b033-xen (xvc0).

and reoffers login

xensvr login: root

which now completes immediately

Last login: Thu Nov 19 14:25:04 on xvc0
Have a lot of fun...

once logged in,

systemd-analyze blame
2min 25.819s wicked.service
55.550s xenstored.service
1.784s lvm2-pvscan@9:1.service
1.367s dev-mapper-VG0\x2dROOT.device
975ms lvm2-pvscan@9:3.service

So wicked and xenstore are 'culprits'.

And, I also see

xl list
Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s)
(null) 0 2988 1 r----- 20.9

Now ... the why?

There's too many moving parts :-/ Is this a wicked, xen, or other problem?
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