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Re: [opensuse-virtual] XEN on a 13.1 system
On 1/20/2014 at 07:29 PM, in message <52DDDBA2.5000908@xxxxxxxx>, Jim Fehlig
<jfehlig@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hans Witvliet wrote:
Yes, i forgotten that xm/xend is depreceated.
Heard that a couple of times at several fosdems from Ian,
and when you mention "xm" at the xen-lists you are considered a relic
from a distant past....

How ever:
When you do a fresh instalation of the xen-stuff in 13.1, and you try to
create a VM like one is used to do in previous versions, i still got a
warning that i had to check because "xend was not running"

Charles, is there a check in {vm,virt}-install for xend running? I
vaguely recall something along those lines, but suppose it was fixed
long ago.

Yes. vm-install does check for a running xend. This is how it knows
whether to use 'xm' to start VMs or if xend is not running it uses a
libvirt connection to start VMs. The only time vm-install uses 'xl' for
starting VMs is if xend is not running and it fails to connect to libvirt.
Failure to connect could mean libvirtd was not running or some other
error occurred when connecting to libvirtd.

For virt-install, it only uses libvirt for starting VMs. It will try to default
to a xen connection if '/var/lib/xend' and '/proc/xen' exist otherwise it
looks to see if qemu/kvm is present and connects to that. With
virt-manager, and the command line virt-install you can specify the
connection you want and that is what virt-install will use assuming the
appropriate libvirt driver was loaded.

- Charles

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