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Re: [opensuse-virtual] "EVTCHNOP failure" @ OS 12.3 + Xen 4.3 boot for some Guests; launch manually OK
On 8/15/2013 at 05:46 PM, in message
<1376610383.9775.10349293.0D21BF6A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, ar16
<ar16@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

edit /etc/tmpfiles.d/xendomains.conf
D /var/run/xen 0755 root root -

systemd-tmpfiles --create /etc/tmpfiles.d/xendomains.conf

here, does the trick. after reboot,

xl list
Name ID Mem VCPUs
State Time(s)
(null) 0 1269 4
r----- 43.7
test1 1 1024 2
-b---- 7.7
test2 2 1024 4
-b---- 28.6

and back to full function.

still have that "(null") rather than Dom0 in its Name, but doesn't
appear (yet) to have any detrimental effect on function

This missing /var/run/xen and evtchn not being loaded seems to indicate that
xencommons is not executed at boot. It modprobes in evtchn and creates

- Charles

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