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[opensuse-virtual] running gtk apps on kdm/kde gives very poor performance using qxl

I'm not sure if this is the right mailinglist for my question so
please forgive me and direct me to the proper one if its not.

I've installed the latest spice releases on opensuse and everything is
working fine. (usbredir, qxl etc)
I use it for a portal running kdm end kde via ssh all working fine.

I got only two problems.

one minor, spice-vdagent is not started automatically after reboot by
kdm, I have to do this manually via 'systemctl start
spice-vdagentd.service' after which the desktop launches the userspace
bit when logging in.

and one very annoying.
When I start a gtk based application the system grinds to a halt,
where the menu was snappy and responsive before it becomes not usable
after launching a gtk based app, firefox for example or virt-manager.

I can either wait for it to draw the application window which can take
minutes and then close it or kill it via a shell session. After which
the session becomes fast and responsive again.

I've dug through logs everywhere (syslog, xsession-error, Xorg.0.log)
but don't see any errors that are not there when not launching the gtk
based apps.

I got 3 errors flooding my logs which are also there when not using gtk apps.
out of surfaces
qxl_surface_create: Zero width or height
qxl_surface_create: Bad bpp: 1 (1)

Does anybody have any idea where to start looking to improve
performance of the gtk apps.

Rob Verduijn
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