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[opensuse-virtual] kernel-xen-conditional code in /etc/init.d startup scripts?

what's the correct/recommended way to wrap conditional code in opensuse
init.d scripts to exec on a -xen boot?

e.g., i need to add some module exec stmts to /etc/init.d/boot.local
that are specific to kernel-xen, that cause errors/warnings in boot logs
-- an an occasional hang -- if they are exec'd at boot to a NON-xen
(e.g., kernel-default) kernel. so, i want to check for status = {booted
to kernel-xen}, and exec only if matched.

should one check for current kernel via uname? something in /sys/... of
/proc/... ?

i understand there are many possible checks; the question is - which, if
any, is the 'right' one in this case?

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