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[opensuse-virtual] shell window's font/encoding changes when logging in to DomUs' xen console?
  • From: PGNet <pgnet.trash+osvm@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 16:29:08 -0800
  • Message-id: <dbd51810902091629x15ad70d7w8fe6c1ba2d02b967@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
i'm seeing terminal font oddities when logging in to xen DomUs' consoles.

i can't even convince myself that this is xen-related, but i _only_,
and reproducibly, see this problem with xen console login. i'm
guessing there's a font/term/encoding setting i've missed somewhere

in Mac OSX Terminal , @ my Dom0's prompt,

root@server /root >
root@server /root > echo $TERM

i can, e.g., type "@" characters, and they display as normal,

root@server /root > @@@@@@@

if i then log into a xen console,

root@server /root > xm console testVM

Welcome to openSUSE 11.1 - Kernel (tty1).

testVM login: root
Last login: Mon Feb 9 16:09:17 PST 2009 on tty1
Have a lot of fun...
root has logged on tty1 from local.

root§testVM /root >

note that the prompt @ the DomU now displays,


rather than the expected,


further, typing @ signs,

root§testVM /root > §§§§§

displays ^^^^^ characters incorrectly.


root§testVM /root > echo $TERM

what's, to me, strangest of all, is

root§testVM /root > exit
(ctrl-] to Dom0 prompt ...)

root§server /root >

the Dom0 prompt, in the same shell/terminal window, now displays
incorrectly as well.

the only way i'm able to recover from that is to close the window and
open a new one.

any ideas what's going on here? not critical, but irksome ...
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