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Re: [opensuse-virtual] Problems with Xen-installationresp.configuration
  • From: "Jason Douglas" <jdouglas@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 16:16:09 -0600
  • Message-id: <4831A7C8.971B.006F.0@xxxxxxxxxx>

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 1:58 PM, in message
<1211227115.4592.19.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Willem Meens
<opensuse-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sorry for the break-in, Just wanted to say good info James! Thanks for
sharing that ;)

We have been doing a couple of Xen production setups along with
heartbeat clustering on SLES 10 SP1 (using fiber and iSCSI SANs). It's
working quite nicely and all hosts are running 64bit versions of SLES,
one thing I would absolutely recommend.

The kernel version thing between paravirtual host & guest is something
that was/is not all to clear to me & your post just gave me some new

One thing that I said earlier was not entirely accurate. I mentioned that the
guest kernel had to match the flavor of the hypervisor. Well, if you are
running a 64-bit host (hypervisor/dom0), and you want to run a 32-bit
paravirtualized guest, then that guest must be running a PAE enabled kernel.

As a side note for VM migration: Once the xen config files are setup for
it (e.g. permitting hosts to migrate guest vms to each other) the Linux
guests migrate fine.
Windows guests (all 32bit) on the other hand give us trouble as instead
of migrating the guest gets destroyed on one side and created on the
other side (eg hard power of and startup). Not the best way to do
things ;)

Windows migration was not supported in xen 3.0.4 ...

A friend already hinted me to pause and resume the windows guests
instead of doing a migration, but still have to sort that out & I read
this is a limitation of the xen 3.0.4 version included in SLES 10 SP1.
As I understand 3.1+ does not have this windows vm migration issue? So
hoping this will be fixed soon with SP2.

... but it is supported in xen 3.2.0, so Windows migration works in SLES 10
SP2. Enjoy!

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