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openSUSE-RU-2018:1289-1: moderate: Recommended update for prosody
openSUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for prosody

Announcement ID: openSUSE-RU-2018:1289-1
Rating: moderate
References: #1093088
Affected Products:
openSUSE Leap 42.3

An update that has one recommended fix can now be installed.


This update for prosody fixes the following issues:

- Update to 0.9.13 (boo#1093088): Security:
* Fix for compatibility with LuaSocket 3.0rc1 (fixes denial of service
from remote)
* mod_register: Require encryption before registration if
c2s_require_encryption is set (fixes #595[1])
* MUC: Ensure that elements which match our from are stripped (fixes
#1055[2]) Fixes and improvements:
* Compatibility fix with newer LuaSec 0.6 (fixes #781[3])
* mod_presence: Send probe once subscribed (fixes #794[4])
* mod_net_multiplex: Enable SSL on the SSL port (fixes #803[5]) Minor
* core.rostermanager: Add method for checking if the user is subscribed
to a contact
* mod_saslauth: Log SASL failure reason
* mod_disco: Correctly set the 'node' attr (fixes #449)
* mod_bosh: Update session.conn to point to the current connection
(fixes #890)
* net.dns: Simplify expiry calculation (fixes #919)
* mod_watchregistrations: Return the pointer to the root of the stanza,
fixes #922.
* mod_disco: Add an account/registered identity on subscribed accounts,
fixes #826.
* mod_welcome: Return the pointer to the root of the stanza, fixes a bug
similar to #922.
* net.dns: Prevent answers from immediately expiring even if TTL=0 (see
* mod_saslauth: Use correct varible name (thanks Roi)
* mod_c2s: Iterate over child tags instead of child nodes in stream
error (fixes traceback from #987)
* mod_component, mod_s2s: Iterate over child tags instead of child nodes
(can include text) in stream error (same as 176b7f4e4ac9)
* MUC: Always send subject message, even if it is empty (fixes #1053)
* MUC: fix the @from on in history replay (fixes #1054)
* MUC: Rename variable to make it clearer that it is the room JID and
not the MUC host

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended
installation methods
like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".

Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE Leap 42.3:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2018-458=1

Package List:

- openSUSE Leap 42.3 (i586 x86_64):



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