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openSUSE-SU-2013:1338-1: moderate: otrs: 3.1.18 update to fix security issues and bugs
openSUSE Security Update: otrs: 3.1.18 update to fix security issues and bugs

Announcement ID: openSUSE-SU-2013:1338-1
Rating: moderate
References: #828850
Cross-References: CVE-2013-2625 CVE-2013-2637 CVE-2013-3551
CVE-2013-4088 CVE-2013-4717 CVE-2013-4718

Affected Products:
openSUSE 12.3
openSUSE 12.2

An update that fixes 6 vulnerabilities is now available.


The ticket system OTRS was updated to 3.1.18 to fix various
bugs and security issues.

Update to 3.1.18:
* OSA-2013-05, CVE-2013-4717, CVE-2013-4718 fixed.
* Fixed bug#9561 - ACL restriction with CustomerID for
DynamicFields at new Ticket screen not working.
* Fixed bug#9425 - Wrong created date for queue view.
* Fixed bug#9125 - AgentTicketSearch dialog does not
expand when choosing more search criteria.
* Fixed bug#8273 - Copying text in preview mode not
* Fixed bug#9557 - Cannot see quoted text in customer
ticket zoom.
* Fixed bug#9011 - GenericInterface: New value after
value mapping can't be 0.
* Improved parameter quoting in various places.
* Fixed bug#9104 - Group permission for customer subset
overwrites permissions for other customers.
* Fixed bug#8719 - PasswordMin2Lower2UpperCharacters
- 3.1.17
* Fixed OSA-2013-04, CVE-2013-4088.
* Improved permission checks in AgentTicketWatcher.
* Fixed bug#9503 - no connection header in soap
* Added parameter "-t dbonly" to to only
backup the database
* Fixed bug#9491 - GenericAgent job update with dynamic
fields sends Uninitialized value error.
* Fixed bug#9462 - Package Management page timeout due
to HTTPS disabled on Proxy connections.
- 3.1.16
* Fixed OSA-2013-03, CVE-2013-3551.
* Updated Package Manager, that will ensure that
packages to be installed meet the quality standards of OTRS
Group. This is to guarantee that your package wasn’t
modified, which may possibly harm your system or have an
influence on the stability and performance of it. All
independent package contributors will have to conduct a
check of their Add-Ons by OTRS Group in order to take full
advantage of the OTRS package verification.
* Fixed bug#9387 - Error in a condition with dynamic
fields in NotificationEvent.
* Fixed bug#9286 - Ticket::ChangeOwnerToEveryone isn't
functional, After a AJAX Load the setting is ignored.
* Fixed bug#7518 - Escalation Notify by not working
properly (follow-up fix).
* Fixed bug#7478 - Got an external answer to an internal
* Improved permission checks in AgentTicketPhone.
* Fixed
bug#[9360]( -
DynamicField Names shown in CSV output.
* Fixed bug#9384 - Problem with Method ServiceParentsGet
of ServiceObject.
* Fixed bug#9072 - Reply to email-internal includes
customer users email in Cc. field.
- 3.1.15
* Added Malay translation.
* Fixed bug#8960 - SearchProfile
* Fixed bug#9182 - Customer Search Function -> If you go
into a ticket and go back you got not the search results.
* Fixed bug#9198 - Linked search with fulltext AND
additional attributes.
* Fixed bug#9295 - Article dynamic field is not
* Fixed bug#9312 - LinkObject permission check problem.
- 3.1.14
* Fixed for OSA-2013-01, CVE-2013-2625.
* Fixed bug#9257 - No notifications to agents with
out-of-office set but period not reached.
* Improved permission checks in LinkObject.
* Fixed bug#9191 - When ticket types are restricted,
first available type is selected in
AgentTicketActionCommon-based screens.
* Updated Turkish translation, thanks to Sefer Şimşek /
Network Group!
* Fixed bug#9214 - IE10: impossible to open links from
rich text articles.
* Fixed bug#9218 - Cannot use special characters in
* Fixed bug#9056 - Unused SysConfig option
* Follow-up fix for bug#8533 apache will not start on
* Fixed bug#9172 - Generic Interface does not work on
IIS 7.0.
* Updated Czech language translation, thanks to Katerina
* Fixed bug#8865 - Additional empty data column in
statistics CSV-Output.
- update OTRS::ITSM to 3.1.10 (fix for OSA-2013-05,
CVE-2013-4717, CVE-2013-4718)
- update OTRS::ITSM to 3.1.9 (fix for OSA-2013-03,
- update OTRS::ITSM to 3.1.8 (fix for OSA-2013-01,
CVE-2013-2625) (fix for OSA-2013-02, CVE-2013-2637)

- update to 3.1.13
otes/ release-notes-otrs-help-desk-3113/
* Fixed bug#9162 - Setting the start day of the week for
the datepicker to Sunday does not work.
* Fixed bug#9141 - Confused Columns in
CustomerTicketSearch (ResultShort).
* Fixed bug#9146 - Signed SMIME mails with altered
content shows a not clear message.
* Fixed bug#9145 - SMIME sign verification errors are not
displayed in TicketZoom.
* Fixed bug#9140 - Postmaster Filter for empty subjects
does not work.
* Fixed bug#9121 - Filenames with Unicode NFD are
incorrectly reported as NFC by Main::DirectoryRead().
* Fixed bug#9108 - Check for opened/closed tickets not
working with Ticket::SubjectFormat = Right.
* Fixed bug#8839 - DateChecksum followup doesn't get
correctly SystemID.
* Updated Russian translation, thanks to Vadim Goncharov!
* Fixed bug#9101 - Not possible to create dropdown with
autocomplete attribute.
* Fixed bug#9096 - All services list is shown instead of
only default services.
* Fixed bug#8470 - reports: Can't
* Added new translation for Spanish (Colombia), thanks to
John Edisson Ortiz Roman!
* Fixed bug#9054 - Link Object deletes all links under
certain conditions.
* Fixed bug#8944 - do not backup the cache.
* Fixed bug#9057 - Generating a PDF with
bin/ produces lots of warnings.
* Fixed bug#8929 - Fix problems with empty ticket search
results while
n is inactive.
* Fixed bug#9042 - Add X-Spam-Score to Ticket.xml.
* Fixed bug#9047 - HistoryTicketGet caches info on disk
* Fixed bug#8923 - Alert message shown, if parent window
is reloaded while bulk action popup is open.
* Fixed bug#9030 - Wrong handling of Invalid YAML in
Scheduler Tasks.
* Updated CKEditor to version 3.6.6.
* Updated Polish translation, thanks to Pawel @!
* Follow-up fix for bug#8805 - Cron missing as RPM
dependency on RHEL. Changed dependency on 'anacron' to
'vixie-cron' on RHEL5.
* Fixed bug#9020 - Generic Ticket Connector does not
support attachments with ContentType without charset.
* Fixed bug#8545 - Attachment download not possible if
pop up of another action is open.
* Fixed bug#9009 - Empty Multiselect Dynamic Fields
provokes an error.
* Fixed bug#8589 - Bulk-Action not possible for single
* Fixed bug#7198 - Broken repository selection width in
Package Manager.
* Fixed bug#8457 - Error if accessing AgentTicketSearch
from AgentTicketPhone in IE8.
* Fixed bug#8695 - Table head of Customer Ticket History
does not resize on window resize.
* Fixed bug#8533 - Apache will not start if you use
mod_perl on Fedora 16 or 17.
* Fixed bug#8974 - Event Based Notification does not
populate REALNAME with Customer User data.

- update to 3.1.12
* Fixed bug#8933 - ArticleStorageInit permission check
* Fixed bug#8763 - Please add charset conversion for
customer companies.
* Fixed bug#1970 - Email attachments of type .msg
(Outlook-Message) are converted.
* Fixed bug#8955 - Init script might fail on SUSE.
* Fixed bug#8936 - Ticket close date is empty when ticket
is created in closed state.
* Fixed bug#8937 - "$" should be escaped in interpolated
strings when javascript is meant.
* Fixed bug#8919 - Customer interface search results:
ticket can only be accessed via ticket number and
* Fixed bug#8850 - CustomerTicketOverview - MouseOver Age
isn't always correct.
* Fixed bug#8868 - Event Based Notification problem
saving 'text' Dynamic Fields.
* Fixed bug#8914 - Syntax error in hash loop in TicketGet
* Fixed bug#8749 - CustomerFrontend: missing dynamicfield
in search results.
* Fixed bug#8873 - Bad example of customization of
"static" dynamic fields in AgentTicketOverviewSmall.
* Fixed bug#8791 - IMAPTLS fails with some Microsoft
Exchange servers.
* Fixed bug#8841 - Search for Dynamic Fields shows all
tickets (on "enter" key pressed).
* Fixed bug#8861 - Ticket History overlaid calender
choice function.
* Fixed bug#8862 - GI debugger GUI does not show SOAP XML
tags correctly.
* Fixed bug#8566 - Cannot download attachment if filename
has character #.
* Fixed bug#8833 - Article table in TicketZoom does not
scroll correctly.
* Fixed bug#8673 - Richtext-Editor popups broken on
* Fixed bug#8859 - Package upgrade does not work if an
installed testpackage should be upgraded with a newer
regular package.
* Fixed bug#8678 - 'WidgetAction Toggle' is always shown
as 'Expanded' when nesting elements
* Fixed bug#8378 - Validation fails if the ID of the
element contains a dot (.) or a colon (:)
* Fixed bug#8847 - Inline PGP message description routine
does not add any info, thanks to IB Development Team.
* Fixed bug#8848 - AgentTicketEmail does not preserve PGP
Signatures set if attachment is added.
* Fixed bug#8149 - Wrong handling of subject when
* Updated Polish translation, thanks to Pawel!
* Fixed bug#8820 - Service rcotrs restart fails because a
race condition happens.
* Fixed bug#8819 - Syntax error (stop crontab command) in
SuSE rc script.
* Removed auto cleanup of expired sessions in
CreateSessionID() to improve the scalability of the
hole system.
* Fixed bug#8667 - TicketSplit does not use QueueID of
old Ticket for ACL Checking.
* Fixed bug#8780 - 508 Compliance: Text descriptions of
"Responsible Tickets" and "Locked Tickets" links are
insufficient for screen reader users.
* Fixed bug#8812 - Encrypted email doesn't see properly
in Outlook.
* Fixed bug#8214 - OTRS Init script on Red Hat fails to
check scheduler.
* Fixed bug#8850 - Cron missing as RPM dependency on Red
Hat Enterprise Linux.
* Fixed bug#7274 - Ticket QueueView sorts by priority on
first page but subsequent pages sort incorrectly by Age.
* Fixed bug#8792 - TriggerEscalationStopEvents logs as
loglevel 'error'.
* Fixed bug#8743 - creates To, CC,
BCC filelds without spaces after comma.
* Fixed bug#8606 - Escalation notifications should not be
sent to agents who are set out-of-office.
* Fixed bug#8740 - insufficient handling of
system() return values.
* Fixed bug#8622 - Storing a new GI Invoker or Operation
with an existing name doesn't complain anything.
* Fixed bug#8770 - AJAX Removes Default Options
(follow-up fix).
* Improved caching for Services and Service Lists.
- Update ITSM to 3.1.7
- News
* In AgentTicketZoom the service and the sla are now
shown as links to the service zoom / sla zoom screens.
* Updated Polish translation, thanks to Pawel!
* Added feature in bin/
script to delete config items by class together with
the deployment state.
* Added CustomerCompany field type that allows to link
CI's with Customer Companies registered in OTRS.
* Enhanced Import/Export screen to show a summary after
* Added new optional sysconfig option to check if config
item names are unique.
* Added attachment support for ITSM config items. This
will replace the OTRS FeatureAddOn OTRSCIAttachment.
Please uninstall this FeatureAddon BEFORE you upgrade
to OTRS::ITSM 3.1.7 (no attachment data will be lost)!
- Bug Fixes
* Bug# 5928 - Print PDF: Newline not interpreted.
* Bug# 8723 - Setting the planned start and planned end
time to the same value causes an error.
* Bug# 8785 - Poor performance of ServiceGet with many
child services.
* Bug# 8626 - AgentTicketAddtlITSMField, Ticket states
set to first state after reload.
* Bug# 8852 - No Impact and Criticality in
* Bug# 7786 - Search by "type" not displaying correct
results from page 2 on.
* Bug# 8804 - Reorder of workorders based on actual
* Bug# 8686 - CI-Search can not handle > 1000 CIs per
* Bug# 8863 - Problem with ChangeManagement DropDowns in
Conditions Mask.
* Bug# 8834 - Broken changes created from template when
no time offset.
* Bug# 8830 - CI version header should be clickable in
all columns.
* Bug# 8613 - Wrong date if a workorder has been created
from a template.
* Bug# 8881 - Searching for a config item number = 0 or a
config item name = 0 (without wildcards) finds results
where it should not.
* Bug# 8882 - Error message from ToolBarMyCAB.
* Bug# 8614 - Update agent notification doesn't contain
agent name.
* Bug# 8615 - Notification not sent for ChangeStateUpdate
to pending PIR.
* Bug# 7508 - Autocomplete uses milliseconds rather than
- rebase perm patch
- fix changes file

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Security Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE 12.3:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2013-639

- openSUSE 12.2:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2013-639

To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

- openSUSE 12.3 (noarch):


- openSUSE 12.2 (noarch):



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