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openSUSE-SU-2013:1288-1: moderate: java-1_7_0-openjdk to IcedTea 2.4.1
openSUSE Security Update: java-1_7_0-openjdk to IcedTea 2.4.1

Announcement ID: openSUSE-SU-2013:1288-1
Rating: moderate
References: #781690 #828665
Cross-References: CVE-2013-1500 CVE-2013-1571 CVE-2013-2407
CVE-2013-2412 CVE-2013-2443 CVE-2013-2444
CVE-2013-2445 CVE-2013-2446 CVE-2013-2447
CVE-2013-2448 CVE-2013-2449 CVE-2013-2450
CVE-2013-2451 CVE-2013-2452 CVE-2013-2453
CVE-2013-2454 CVE-2013-2455 CVE-2013-2456
CVE-2013-2457 CVE-2013-2458 CVE-2013-2459
CVE-2013-2460 CVE-2013-2461 CVE-2013-2463
CVE-2013-2465 CVE-2013-2469 CVE-2013-2470
CVE-2013-2471 CVE-2013-2472 CVE-2013-2473

Affected Products:
openSUSE 12.3
openSUSE 12.2

An update that fixes 30 vulnerabilities is now available.


java-1_7_0-openjdk was updated to icedtea-2.4.1
* Security fixes
- S6741606, CVE-2013-2407: Integrate Apache Santuario
- S7158805, CVE-2013-2445: Better rewriting of nested
subroutine calls
- S7170730, CVE-2013-2451: Improve Windows network stack
- S8000638, CVE-2013-2450: Improve deserialization
- S8000642, CVE-2013-2446: Better handling of objects for
- S8001032: Restrict object access
- S8001033, CVE-2013-2452: Refactor network address
handling in virtual machine identifiers
- S8001034, CVE-2013-1500: Memory management improvements
- S8001038, CVE-2013-2444: Resourcefully handle resources
- S8001043: Clarify definition restrictions
- S8001308: Update display of applet windows
- S8001309: Better handling of annotation interfaces
- S8001318, CVE-2013-2447: Socket.getLocalAddress not
consistent with InetAddress.getLocalHost
- S8001330, CVE-2013-2443: Improve on checking order
(non-Zero builds only)
- S8003703, CVE-2013-2412: Update RMI connection dialog
- S8004288, CVE-2013-2449: (fs) Files.probeContentType
- S8004584: Augment applet contextualization
- S8005007: Better glyph processing
- S8006328, CVE-2013-2448: Improve robustness of sound
- S8006611: Improve scripting
- S8007467: Improve robustness of JMX internal APIs
- S8007471: Improve MBean notifications
- S8007812, CVE-2013-2455: (reflect)
Class.getEnclosingMethod problematic for some classes
- S8007925: Improve cmsStageAllocLabV2ToV4curves
- S8007926: Improve cmsPipelineDup
- S8007927: Improve cmsAllocProfileSequenceDescription
- S8007929: Improve CurvesAlloc
- S8008120, CVE-2013-2457: Improve JMX class checking
- S8008124, CVE-2013-2453: Better compliance testing
- S8008128: Better API coherence for JMX
- S8008132, CVE-2013-2456: Better serialization support
- S8008585: Better JMX data handling
- S8008593: Better URLClassLoader resource management
- S8008603: Improve provision of JMX providers
- S8008607: Better input checking in JMX
- S8008611: Better handling of annotations in JMX
- S8008615: Improve robustness of JMX internal APIs
- S8008623: Better handling of MBeanServers
- S8008744, CVE-2013-2407: Rework part of fix for
- S8008982: Adjust JMX for underlying interface changes
- S8009004: Better implementation of RMI connections
- S8009008: Better manage management-api
- S8009013: Better handling of T2K glyphs
- S8009034: Improve resulting notifications in JMX
- S8009038: Improve JMX notification support
- S8009057, CVE-2013-2448: Improve MIDI event handling
- S8009067: Improve storing keys in KeyStore
- S8009071, CVE-2013-2459: Improve shape handling
- S8009235: Improve handling of TSA data
- S8009424, CVE-2013-2458: Adapt Nashorn to JSR-292
implementation change
- S8009554, CVE-2013-2454: Improve
- S8009654: Improve stability of cmsnamed
- S8010209, CVE-2013-2460: Better provision of factories
- S8011243, CVE-2013-2470: Improve ImagingLib
- S8011248, CVE-2013-2471: Better Component Rasters
- S8011253, CVE-2013-2472: Better Short Component Rasters
- S8011257, CVE-2013-2473: Better Byte Component Rasters
- S8012375, CVE-2013-1571: Improve Javadoc framing
- S8012421: Better positioning of PairPositioning
- S8012438, CVE-2013-2463: Better image validation
- S8012597, CVE-2013-2465: Better image channel
- S8012601, CVE-2013-2469: Better validation of image
- S8014281, CVE-2013-2461: Better checking of XML
- S8015997: Additional improvement in Javadoc framing
* OpenJDK
- list to long, please consult NEWS file

- java-1.7.0-openjdk-zero-arch.patch: fix detection of zero

- ignore rhino dependencies during a build to prevent a
build cycle

- update to icedtea-2.4.0 (based on oracle jdk7u40)
* OpenJDK (see NEWS for full listing)
- PR1209, S7170638: Use DTRACE_PROBE[N] in JNI Set and
SetStatic Field.
- PR1206, S7201205: Add Makefile configuration option to
build with unlimited crypto in OpenJDK
* Backports
- PR1197, S8003120, RH868136:
ResourceManager.getApplicationResources() does not
close InputStreams
- S8014618, RH962568: Need to strip leading zeros in
TlsPremasterSecret of DHKeyAgreement
* Bug fixes
- PR1212: IcedTea7 fails to build because
Resources.getText() is no longer available for code to
- Add NSS (commented out) to other platforms.
- Allow multiple PKCS11 library initialisation to be a
non-critical error.
- Complete switch from local zlib patch to upstream
- Include defs.make in buildtree.make so ZERO_BUILD is
recognised and JVM_VARIANT_ZERO set.
- Provide support for using PKCS11 provider with NSS
- Remove file apparently removed as part of upstreaming
of Zero.
- Revert 7060849
- Set UNLIMITED_CRYPTO=true to ensure we use the
unlimited policy.
- PR473: Set handleStartupErrors to
ignoreMultipleInitialisation in nss.cfg
- PR716: IcedTea7 should bootstrap with IcedTea6
- Expand* imports to avoid conflict
when building with OpenJDK 6.
- Fix indentation on Makefile block not executed when
STRIP_POLICY=no_strip is set
- Fix invalid XSL stylesheets and DTD introduced as part
of JEP 167.
- Include defs.make in buildtree.make so ZERO_BUILD is
recognised and JVM_VARIANT_ZERO set.
- Make sure libffi cflags and libs are used.
- PR1378: Add AArch64 support to Zero
- PR1170: Ensure unlimited crypto policy is in place.
- RH513605, PR1280: Updating/Installing OpenJDK should
recreate the shared class-data archive
- PR1358: Make XRender mandatory
- PR1360: Check for /usr/lib64 JVMs and generic JPackage
- PR1435, D657854: OpenJDK 7 returns incorrect TrueType
font metrics
- PR728: GTKLookAndFeel does not honor
* JamVM
- JSR 335: (lambda expressions) initial hack
- JEP 171: Implement fence methods in sun.misc.Unsafe
- Fix invokesuper check in invokespecial opcode
- Fix non-direct interpreter invokespecial super-class
- When GC'ing a native method don't try to free code
- Do not free unprepared Miranda method code data
- Set anonymous class protection domain
- JVM_IsVMGeneratedMethodIx stub
- Dummy implementation of sun.misc.Perf natives
- separate vm for zero is no longer needed
- drop java-1.7.0-openjdk-aarch64.patch (upstream: PR1378)

- fix bnc#781690c#11 - setup JAVA_HOME in posttrans, so
certificates will be created by this JVM
- fix the postrans conditions (add missing prefiX)
- relax build requires, so every java-devel >= 1.7.0 can

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Security Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE 12.3:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2013-622

- openSUSE 12.2:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2013-622

To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

- openSUSE 12.3 (i586 x86_64):


- openSUSE 12.2 (i586 x86_64):



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