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Re: [opensuse-translation] Other translations

Dne úterý 26. září 2017 17:32:57 CEST, Sarah Julia Kriesch napsal(a):
Gesendet: Dienstag, 26. September 2017 um 12:58 Uhr
Von: "Vojtěch Zeisek" <vojtech.zeisek@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
An: "mailinglist openSUSE" <opensuse-translation@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Betreff: [opensuse-translation] Other translations

we are preparing - together with Mozilla and LibreOffice - small
workshop for translators for upcoming Czech Linux Days I'm going to show our Weblate Of course. It's good tool.

That's a great idea! Thaks you do it. :-)

Anyone to join? :-)

Instructions seem to
bit brief, but together with
it should be enough. I hope... :-/
Other point is documentation. Wiki (Well, I don't like WikiMedia as CMS,
so I don't work in this area...) has also bit brief and
outdated (e.g. no word about Leap!) information. Who is responsible for
that and should keep it updated? At least the general information. It
doesn't look very encouraging for the newcomers (last edited 5 years

Everybody can contribute to the wiki. We don't have any special

So how is the consistency kept then? I don't wont to drive the discussion to
the Wiki solely, but this is obvious question to emerge...

responsibilities. We have some pages where you need admin permissions for
editing. If you have problems, you can ask your questions on the wiki
mailinglist. Why do we need the word Leap in the Translation help? That's
one portal and it will be updated/ created during every release by the
release management team (call on the mailinglist). In addition, Leap pages
of the English wiki are updated in general by the release management team.

Look at The list seems
to be outdated. Obviously it is. Yes, I can edit it, but I don't know how this
process (creation and maintenance of multilingual oS Wiki) is organized and
the page then seems to be abandoned. I.e. if I'd edit it, it might be useless
as nobody could care, as seen by non-existing maintenance of the Wiki page...

Anyway, our is not in the best state (bit poor).
Our problem. More generally, are there guidelines, what (at least) should
be translated? Hot to keep multilingual pages of various languages
similar? I mean same design, structure, etc. Might be I'm asking obvious
question, I'm not really familiar with MediaWiki...

I believe the German wiki has the most content after the English wiki.
Most important portals like main page (by any admin) and Leap/ Tumbleweed
portals should be translated first. Look that you don't have any red links
any more. After that you can take the next portal. We have a separate
mailing list for wiki maintainers. We support you there with the wiki
update. :-) Everybody can learn using MediaWiki and contribute there. You
can copy content and change the text to your language.

Yes. As one-time task it can work. But as far as I know, there are no traces
of changes regarding state of translations. If something is changed in the
English original, how to easily see which corresponding translated section
needs to be updated in other languages?

Are there any plans/possibilities to translate ? is part of the SUSE documentation team. You can create Pull
Requests with contributions on github (
You would need additional tools for translations. We had a long discussion

This is no-way. It is written in DocBook, isn't it? Me, personally, after HTML
and TEX I'm not going for this new syntax, which is otherwise useless for me.
And unless there are PO files and some tools to help keeping track how much is
translated and so on (compare with Weblate), it is not user-friendly for
translators. They wish to comfortably translate and use software they are
familiar with (and use also for other tasks), not to "fight" with special
technical tools.

about our different tools at openSUSE: If you want

I'm not sure I fully got sense of that, but I'd highlight this particular

to contribute to documentation (translation), you should contribute to the
wiki. That's easy to use and should be updated continously. My
recommendation: Subscribe the wiki mailinglist!

Wiki is documentation? Well, what is then? ;-) This
always bit confused me and You did not make it clear. :-) I like doc.o.o as it
is really valuable source of information, but with current methods I don't see
possibility of it to being translated.
Well, we don't have any volunteer to start to translate tomorrow, but if there
is no tool to comfortably handle translations, there will be no one...

Just in case there would be some volunteer. ;-) How it is done, when new
version is released?
What about other tools and web applications? Do they have
support/possibility of being translated? If so, how? Are there any other
projects to be translated (not hosted on Weblate)?
Right now, I'd like to get complete overview and sort things little bit...

We have only the wiki beside of weblate. I write "Call for Translations" for
every release. That's the time stamp for wiki translations, too. ;-) Some
days before the release pages like repositories and main pages should be
updated. Our new search in the wiki is a really good help to test all.

Good. I'd strongly prefer any other new project to be translated to be
available in Weblate. It's easy to use tool.

Vojtěch Zeisek

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