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[opensuse-translation] Other translations
we are preparing - together with Mozilla and LibreOffice - small workshop for
translators for upcoming Czech Linux Days
I'm going to show our Weblate Of
course. It's good tool.
Instructions seem to me
bit brief, but together with it
should be enough. I hope... :-/
Other point is documentation. Wiki (Well, I don't like WikiMedia as CMS, so I
don't work in this area...)
has also bit brief and outdated (e.g. no word about Leap!) information. Who is
responsible for that and should keep it updated? At least the general
information. It doesn't look very encouraging for the newcomers (last edited 5
years ago)...
Anyway, our is not in the best state (bit poor). Our
problem. More generally, are there guidelines, what (at least) should be
translated? Hot to keep multilingual pages of various languages similar? I
mean same design, structure, etc. Might be I'm asking obvious question, I'm
not really familiar with MediaWiki...
Are there any plans/possibilities to translate ?
Just in case there would be some volunteer. ;-) How it is done, when new
version is released?
What about other tools and web applications? Do they have support/possibility
of being translated? If so, how? Are there any other projects to be translated
(not hosted on Weblate)?
Right now, I'd like to get complete overview and sort things little bit...
Have a nice day,

Vojtěch Zeisek

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