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[opensuse-translation] Sorting of package names in Weblate
Currently, the strings in ‘packages-in’ are sorted *alphabetically* in Weblate. This makes it unncessarily hard to translate them (and to ensure consistency and high quality translations), as we lose all context, since, e.g. the name/summary of a package is in a completely different place in the translation file than its description. And related strings (e.g. of the package, foo, foo-devel, foo-lib, foo-bar, foo-baz) are scattered all over the file.

Could this be fixed? It looks like in the translation templates, a natural ordering is used (i.e., the strings are sorted by package name, *not* by the content of the strings):

This is the best way to sort the strings, as the ‘summary’ string of a package is always followed by the corresponding ‘description’ string, and related strings (e.g. of baloo5, baloo5-file, baloo5-import, baloo5-kioslaves etc.) are grouped to together.

But in the *PO* files generated from the POT files (and the translation strings) shown in Weblate, this perfect ordering of strings have been destroyed, and the strings are sorted alphabetically:

From what I can see, this is caused by giving the ‘-s’ argument to msgmerge here in the file, which sorts the strings alphabetically, so they no longer match the POT file:

If this is true, fixing this problem should just involve removing the ‘-s’ argument.

Could this be fixed? It would make the translators’ work much easier.

Karl Ove Hufthammer

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