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RE: [opensuse-translation] SLE translation team in Weblate
Hi Vojtěch,

Thanks for the initial feedback. I should have clarified, that we use this
database to capture terms for non Linux product localisation also. We use it
for SUSE product lines along with other Micro Focus product lines.


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Dne úterý 21. června 2016 8:49:14 CEST, Padraig Dillon napsal(a):
I saw one message regarding terminology. We have a terminology
database that our translators do have access to. This can be found here: This is available for you to access with the
following credentials:
Username: guest
Password: guest

I had a quick look at the Czech language and only about 25 % of the strings
were translated and among them, some were wrong, misleading or inconsistent
with the rest of the Czech Linux world or even with the usage of the term in
Leap. Not tragic situation, but there are some weird terms. Such index is of
course very helpful, but we need some way to improve it...

Vojtěch Zeisek

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