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Re: [opensuse-translation] plasma5-pk-updates locale
Luigi Baldoni skreiv 15. mai 2016 14:18:
Unless it is an application created and hosted by openSUSE, it
> >>would be upstream. I assume it is a KDE program, so it would be
> >>translated by the upstream KDE people (
> >
> >Thanks, I found the correct community to ask.
>Although I'm confused by this particular application, I don't know for
>sure if it is an upstream one or specific to openSUSE.
Oh no, it's from upstream and kdeit hasn't translated it.
I was irked by the fact that a front-facing app shipped with Leap isn't

Note that it is a very good reason the application hasn’t been translated into many languages in KDE. It’s still in the ‘playground’ area of KDE. This is the place for (pre-)alpha and experimental stuff, and contains all sorts of software that are unmaintained, hasn’t been updated for many years and (commonly) doesn’t even compile. Most translators won’t ever touch stuff in the ‘playground’ area (why waste one’s time on stuff that will never be released?).

For actively maintained software, one would want to move out of ‘playground’, to one of the main modules or to one of the ‘extragear’ modules (depending on whether one wants to be released among with other KDE applications (and respect their release schedule, including any string freezes), or have one’s own release schedule). Before moving the these modules, one will be in the ‘kdereview’ for a period of time. Only if the software has adequate quality (this includes stuff like the software being translatable), will one be allowed to move to one of the official modules (main modules or ‘extragear’).

Currently, plasma-pk-updates still hasn’t reached the ‘kdereview’ stage (I don’t know if the maintainer has tried to get it to this stage), and will by most translators be considered ‘pre-alpha’ experimental stuff that they *should* ignore. Whenever it reaches ‘kdereview’, more translation teams will start to take a look at it (especially for languages where ~all of the other official KDE software is already translated), and when it moves out of ‘kdereview’, *many* more translation teams will start to translate it.


Karl Ove Hufthammer

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