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Re: [opensuse-translation] Leap/SLE translations pushed to Tumbleweed?
  • From: Alexander Melentev <minton@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2016 02:55:53 +0300
  • Message-id: <>
2016-03-07 17:51 GMT+03:00 Richard Brown <RBrownCCB@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 7 March 2016 at 15:42, Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On 07.03.2016 15:00, Luiz Fernando Ranghetti wrote:

The best would be: for everything the community translate, always use
community translations for openSUSE products. As simple as that.

I can understand your point of view, but it's not "as simple as that".

Agreed, I think a much better starting point is by filing bugs against
those translations in Leap and Tumbleweed that have been contributed
to openSUSE from SUSE
Please see my simple calculation in previous mail proving it
impossible for one man.
Also I am pretty sure that e.g. Russian translation is not coming from
SUSE at all, so a separate company took care of it.

Remember, it's an equally valid point of view that SUSE is a community
contributor to openSUSE too..
Oh, please don't bring this fairy tale here, we all live in the real
world and understand that "All contributors are equal, but SUSE is
more equal than others". But we are all fine with that situation,
cause it was always like that. I am forbidden to fix any error in SLE
translations, but SUSE developers prefer SLE translations over
community ones even for community releases like openSUSE. It is more
or less understandable for Leap as it is "SLE-based", but pushing it
to Tumbleweed is just too much.

I am not a professional translator at all, but I've spent many years
translating openSUSE. People reported the issues they saw and I
fixed'em and reported back, but when Leap was released I had plently
of awkward moments with other guys from Russian community as I had to
reject thei reports and say things like "It wasn't me", "I have
nothing to do with this" and "Sorry, I can't fix this for you". I
completely understand that there was no bad will in pushing SLE
translations to Leap (for e.g. Russian the decision was just plain
wrong), but please understand that I have only good will either trying
to prevent pushing them at least to TW.
who is to say that those translations are innately more invalid than
those from other community members?
And who is to say those translations are better than community ones?
"Equality" works in both directions =) Well, the translations quality
is completely different issue. I can say for my native language only
and I understand that my word is not a proof here, but that's the only
feedback you have: my translations are not perfect, I know this, but
the quality of SLE translations is really different from file to file.
A couple of recent yast modules had pretty good translations and I
have even merged them to our trunk to not duplicate the work, but the
older the message is, the higher chances are its translation is
rubbish. As the merge of "rubbish" messages happened many years ago
let's call them "legacy translations". So the main problem with SLE
translations quality as I see it is that no proofreading was done for
legacy ones.
Current state of things is broken: we have two different sets of
translations and no way to collaborate on merging them without
conflict of interests (SLE translators are paid ones and we are
community volunteers). I am more than willing to help fix this, but we
really need some more valid way than reporting issues one-by-one...

Both points of view are valid, but nothing can be fixed in either
direction with concrete, solid, measurable items requiring actions
Would you mind to re-phrase? I've lost your point here.

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Regards, Minton.
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