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Re: [opensuse-translation] How to translate patterns in YaST software manager?
2015-11-27 21:23 GMT+03:00 Karl Ove Hufthammer <karl@xxxxxxxxxx>:
It’s looking good. Perhaps add wx* (wxWidgets-*, but also other packages
starting with wx, like wxMaxima and wxhexeditor)?
OK, I will.

Will the strings be sorted by (source) package name inside each file, so
that, for example, all kde3-* packages will be in one ‘block’ inside
Correct, as I already mentioned in previous email, this will be done
to ease everyone's life. However, this doesn't *fully* work for more
than one distro due to gettext specifics. So all identical messages
get sorted by source package name, but unique/different messages from
"second" distro stay in the end of the file (see patterns.pot, where
two different messages from leap are left in the end). Currently I
have no idea how to fix that, but due to Lokalize translation memory
abilities I don't consider this a huge problem.

Also, the files will be named, e.g., texlive.pot, not
tumbleweed-texlive.pot, right? (*Not* having the distro prefix is better.)
Sure, this was just an example of intermediate splitting before
messages from two distros get merged together. Distro prefix is needed
on generation stage, but gets omited after merging.

Regards, Minton.
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