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Re: [opensuse-translation] How to translate patterns in YaST software manager?
Den 27. okt. 2015 16:11, Carlos E. R. skreiv:
On 2015-10-27 12:30, Stephan Kulow wrote:

>That would be cool, but I lack the time to do that properly - so I
>created a branch
It is unmanageable. I see 86028 messages, with 14814 fuzzy and 60813
untranslated, for "es". With this size, we can't keep translated all
branches by hand.

We would need something to translate a single branch and automatically
do the rest.

Then let me offer you the summit workflow, as I’ve talked about before:

I currently use it for translating openSUSE, and it works *very well*. Whenever a new branch is added, it’s only a single line to add to a config file to handle it. Strings are automatically collected from, and scattered to, the various branches.

Regarding the package description files, I also plan to do some changes to make my life (and that of other translators that wish to use the summit workflow) easier. Currently, strings are split over several files, e.g. dvd1.po, dvd2.po, …, dvd8.po. I’m not sure what system is used, but it looks the strings are sorted by application name and then split. If so, this means that strings may move between files between updates/releases/branches (e.g. the strings for application foo may be in dvd1.po today and in dvd2.po tomorrow, and perhaps in dvd3.po in a different branch). This obviously makes the translators’ works harder, so in the summit I’ll merge all the files that belong together into larger files (e.g. dvd.po, base.po, factory.po, gnome.po and kde.po).

Also, for some strange reason the strings are sorted alphabetically by content *within* files. That means that the name for package ‘foo’ can be in the beginning of the file, while its description will be at the end of the file, and strings for subpackages (foo-devel, foo-lib, foo-bar, foo-baz etc.) that belong together are scattered *all over the* file. This obviously makes it much harder both to translate the strings (you have no context!) and to ensure consistency and high quality translations. My plan here is to add ‘fake’ file name reference comments to each string, based on the package name (which luckily *is* included in the files, as comments) and the type of string (package name, description, …), and then to run ‘msgcat --sort-by-file’ on the resulting files. These comments will of course only be visible in the ‘summit’ folder, not in any of the branch folders.

Karl Ove Hufthammer
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