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Re: [opensuse-translation] slideshow.pot outdated
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On 2015-10-19 21:16, Karl Ove Hufthammer wrote:
Den 18. okt. 2015 17:53, Richard Brown skreiv:
Then after a few months, Tumbleweed and Leap will diverge,
and every month more. We need a separate branch for Leap
because if it doesn't exist we can't handle any bugzilla
after release.
Yes, but the next Leap release (42.2, a year from now, maybe
sooner) will be built the same way, pulling from Tumbleweed and

In principle, this should be very simple: The translations must
follow the source code.


For example, if the tool ‘foo’ in Leap is taken directly from the
‘master’ branch of the ‘foo’ Git repository, the translation
template must be taken from the same place. If it’s taken from a
different branch, there must be similar translation branch.


Now, in one years time, or perhaps 6 weeks time (for an urgent
security fix), there may be an update to the ‘Leap’ package. If
this taken from master in Git, there will be no problems (as long
as the translation templates are continuously kept up to date, e.g.
with daily updates). But if it’s decided that ‘Leap’ should be
‘stable’, so only security updates (which may also add or changes
some strings) are applied, not bigger changes (new features), the
source code will be in another place (e.g. a ‘SLES12’ branch in Git
or a ‘Leap’ branch in Git). And then there must be a corresponding
translation branch.


So it *may* be that only two translation branches are needed,
‘trunk’ and ‘stable’ (currently called SLES12 in SVN). Or it may be
that more than one branch is needed (e.g. ‘Leap’, if there exists
packages that are taken neither from SLES12 or
‘trunk’/‘master’/Factory). That all depends on whether all future
packages (and updates to these packages) take their source code
only from SLES12 and Factory, or from other places (branches) too.

Yes, that is correct. Although I would name the translation branches
the same as the code branches. Ie, tumbleweed (the current trunk), and
Leap. If two releases of Leap will coexist at some time (I understand
this is not yet decided), then each one needs its separate branch.

So again: The translations must follow the source code. If the
source code a package is built from changes, so must the
translation template files.


are you really expecting to be pushing out translations little
by little over the next months?

That’s the *normal* way translations work in free software
projects. Few teams have the resources to fully translate *all* the
software (in a distro, or a larger software compilation, like KDE)
before the release *and* to thoroughly review and QA test all
strings, especially since the source is commonly updated all the
way up to the release date (though there is usually an official
‘string freeze’ a few weeks earlier).


So updated translations – additional strings translated and
improvements to previously translated strings – are therefore
usually included in any future package updates. These package
updates may be because of security issues, important bug fixes, or
perhaps rebuilt packages because of dependencies from other
packages. And some free software projects also issue updates just
to include updated translations.


We have, in fact.

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Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

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