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Re: [opensuse-translation] slideshow.pot outdated
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On 2015-10-18 16:31, Richard Brown wrote:
On 18 October 2015 at 16:22, Carlos E.R. <> wrote:
On 18/10/2015 16:11, Richard Brown wrote:

There is probably no trunk for Leap because there are no
independent packages for Leap - everything either comes from
SLE, or Tumbleweed

No. Trunk, in the translator team parlance, means "factory".
There can be no trunk for Leap or any other release. Each release
has its own branch, named after the release: 11.4, 12.3, 13.1,
13.2, trunk...

Possible hacks are to use trunk for leap temporarily, as you
suggest, but this can confuse things a lot, or to create a Leap
branch on our svn. Yes, I can probably do that, but I can't
populate it with the right files.

What is the point of a separate trunk for Leap, when the packages
for Leap are all coming from Tumbleweed/"factory"?

But they aren't, some come from SLES.

There are files that contain strings customized for the particular
release, like "welcome to Leap". The slideshow or the release notes
are obvious examples, but there are many more with subtle changes.

Then after a few months, Tumbleweed and Leap will diverge, and every
month more. We need a separate branch for Leap because if it doesn't
exist we can't handle any bugzilla after release.

In this scenario, I really think the need for separate translator
'trunks' is redundant - the packager (a customer of your
translations) is just going to have to follow the exact same steps
whether they were putting the translations into Tumbleweed or
Leap..might as well keep it all in trunk and save them some effort

Unless I'm totally misunderstanding the entire process from both
sides..but I pretty much doubt that, think I'm getting a pretty
good handle on this translation thing now.. really enjoying using
Weblate to improve the en_GB translations.. ;)

Check, for instance, KDE. They keep separate branches for each
maintained KDE release. The process is different: we translate one
branch, and migrate identical strings with specialized tools: be it
pology, gettext, lokalize... and weblate should do the same.

The packager doesn't need any extra effort. He just gets the exact
translation files for his projects. It is the translators who have to
merge them.

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Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

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