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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
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On 2015-10-17 12:22, Michal Hrusecky wrote:
Carlos E. R. - 12:09 17.10.15 wrote:
My ideal world is one in which the people who currently
consider themselves 'Translators' are no longer saying 'we
can't do that because...' and instead learning the skills,
which in this case includes both communication and technical

No way.

You can't have that.

I know translators who knows a little bit about development and
are willing to learn new things. So it is possible.

Hint: how many developers write good documentation?

Every developer has to start with at least some documentation
unless he wants his software to rot in corner or repeat himself
over and over on communication "forums".

Another hint: how many developers participate in forums with
plain users?


No, actually very few. Forums, not specialized mail lists. At least
not at openSUSE.

Ok, I'll try to explain my hints.

Good translators are writers, people with language skills. People that
see a phrase and say "Hey, the adjective there is in wrong concordance
with the adverb!" I'm not in that class, I can just about distinguish
an adverb from an adjective.

A good translator not only knows many thousand of words in both
languages, but also which word means the same to what word in the
other language, and in which context. Some with amazing speed and
memory to do so at the same time another person speaks.

Now, a developer doesn't usually have those skills. He is normally
good at maths, sciences, logic. Not typically "language".

If you look at documentation written by programmers, you will often
see a lot that is hard to read and understand - except by other

So there have to be two teams, and both need to talk. If they do, the
results are fantastic.

There are people on both sides, yes, but those are rare. Gabriel is
one, for instance, as he developed Vertaal. Twice. I'm also a
developer, or was, but a Windows developer (which is why I do many of
the admin tasks in my team). I'm a bit of a bridge.

That reminds me: man/info pages are not translated at all. Not only
those of openSUSE, but almost none. Why? No tools. Ok, no tools a
writer/translator will like. I mean a GUI like LibreOffice, not a
plain text editor with tokens. When asked for tools devs typical
answer is "Why? You have tools".

If somebody would crank up something with linuxdoc or similar, to work
with LyX, to produce manual pages, that would be wonderful.

Hint: try "man zypper" in any locale.

Personally, I don't care about blame. Blame is hanging to the past.
I care about the future and how to move forward and achieve the
best results possible, so I would suggest focusing on that and how
to get Tumbleweed and Leap translated and not on who stepped on
which toes at which time and who was heavier.


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Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
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