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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
  • From: Efstathios Iosifidis <iefstathios@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2015 11:08:22 +0300
  • Message-id: <>
As you can see, even if 34 members doesn't have svn account, they
don't use Vertaal. Don't know why. Is it because it's not usable?
Someone has to consider why.

Well, if they don't explain why, then nobody can help. Now it is moot.

Something that works on your team, doesn't work on mine. All of them
wanted to transfer the whole translating system to transifex. Vertaal
is full of bugs (I asked them to file a bug) and it's not very usable
for them.
I asked them to join this list and tell us, ask us... No one did it.
Not sure if they weren't interested or it was too much procedure.
OSEM is on transifex though (it's not lcn or yast but we use it on
events). Why didn't you or someone else on this list complained about

By the way, personal oppinion. Since I'm a TSP member, if someone that
translates ONLY at Vertaal and applies a TSP, I cannot verify if
he/she translates since Vertaal isn't the official openSUSE tool and
when I check svn I see that a user vertaal commited translations.

Instead of going to project list complaining, you can create a post
on connect asking the community to vote, send an e-mail to project
to see what the majority of the community wants.

Vote? Good grief, this is not a democracy. It is a doacracy (from 'do').
Any vote will be ignored.

Well again, if it's not democracy, you should send a request to the board.
Something that is easy for you to do, maybe it's not easy for others
and that's why they don't help. Maybe that's why translation teams are

I can point you the difference.
1. GNOME: it's web based closer to Vertaal. Everyone can request a
file, download, translate and upload it. Someone else get the file for
review. Then the coordinator accepts it and sends it to git.
2. KDE (as far as I know): Someone has to register to local mailing
list. Request for a file. Coordinator sends him the po file. The
person sends the file back to coordinator. The coordinator commits the
file. Not sure where someone can check the stats or what file he was
to translate. It looks too complicated to me and too slow.

What system from 2 above sounds easier for you to translate? Which one
has more translators and more translations?

Actually, two years ago we decided not to use weblate. So?

I know what happened 2 years ago. As I wrote on the project list, I
liked what Tom did and wanted to use it. I didn't stop translating
after we rejected it (different of what you say now).

By the way, for me it's longer than 2 years. I met Michal back on 2012
at Prague conference and I wanted to setup this tool to help at least
Greek team. Unfortunately I don't know how to setup servers etc, so I
asked couple of guys from local team to help me. They didn't help me,
so that's why we stick on svn and then I pointed them Vertaal.
I also asked Michal to host ONLY Greek team but he refused politely.

This is your decision and your opinion.

I would like to know more from others, other translation teams.
Are you comfortable with svn? How about your team? Is your team
limited because of the svn or it ain't a problem?
Ask local teams (not only translation teams) if they could help more
if it was a web based system.

Have phun,
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