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Re: [opensuse-translation] Problem with the verification scripts.
On 21/04/12 12:40, Carlos E. R. wrote:
No, that's not the problem I'm reporting. The problem is that the other two
files are not uploaded.

You are performing a single commitment, so either it works for all files
or it is refused, since in general it can be that the resulting status
of the files is inconsistent (this of course does not happen for

FYI, you can pre-check files before submitting them using the command
"msgfmt -o /dev/null file".

I know that. I simply want to upload the other two files and forget the
incorrect one.

You can specify the list of files you want to commit:

svn commit --message "translated some files, pending verification"
po/ po/

I think you can write a script that tests files, collects good ones and
generates the list of files to commit.

Rather, I want the thing changed in the server so that it doesn't block all
correct files just because one is incorrect - if possible.

I do not know whether this can be done, since this means collecting good
files, rejecting wrong files, change the commitment in order to commit
only good files, and notify the committee that some file has been rejected.

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