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Re: [opensuse-translation] Total number of strings in the statistics
On zondag 15 april 2012 10:59:12 Andrea Turrini wrote:
Hi all,

I have just noted a strange thing about translation statistics: the
overall number of strings is not constant between languages.

For instance, German contains 34991 strings, Spanish (and some other)
35001, and Italian (and several others) 34998.

The difference seems to derive from lcn (I have not checked all other
languages): 14783 (de), 14793 (es), 14790 (it); in particular from
snapper (115 for es and it, 108 for de) and zypper (720 for es, 717 for
de and it).

If I "grep -c msgid\ \"" snapper.pot and zypper.pot, I obtain 116 and
718 so the right number of strings is 115 and 717 (since pot file
contains msgid "" in the beginning).

Is it correct this difference in the number of strings? May it be caused
by the source of the statistics (berlios instead of svn.opensuse since
links associated to the single po files lead to berlios)?

Apparently msgmerge has not been applied to some of the po files after changes
in the pot files.

Just an aesthetic thing, there are two missing tags, </tbody> and
</table>, at the end of the table that hide the last row in the table
(about zypper).


I will attach a script that can be run in a directory below or in the
directory containing the lcn directory that does the msgmerge based on POT-
Creation-Date or if not available on a pot file newer than its corresponding
po file. In a directory below you can have directories containing the
different branches. In that case these branches are checked as well.

The merging will be done in lcn, yast and webyast unless you give one of these
names as a parameter.

For this script to work you must have a base directory for trunk, lets say
oStrunk and have the three mentioned subdirectories in it.
In lcn you need to create and download using svn checkout the directories: 50-
html, 50-pot and <your_lang_code>/po, same for yast: 50-pot and
<your_lang_code>/po, and for webyast: 00-pot and <your_lang_code>/po .
Before you run the script you have to do svn up on these directories.

Running the script, which would be in your ~/bin/ directory, is as follows:
cd .../oStrunk
uptrunk [lcn|yast|webyast]


Freek de Kruijf
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