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Re: [opensuse-translation] Translation of openSUSE into Norwegian Nynorsk
Tysdag 17. mai 2011 skreiv Karl Eichwalder:

Thanks for taking action! You now have commit rights as "huftis". Once
2 or 3 files are done, please tell me about it. Then I will create the
yast2-trans-nn package and we can start testing it in Factory.

Thanks. I have now added a few translated files to yast/nn/po.

Note that lists the
language ‘Norwegian’. This is actually Norwegian Bokmål (language code
‘nb’), a different language from Norwegian Nynorsk. (There is no written
language called just ‘Norwegian’.) Please change the ‘Norwegian’ entry to
‘Norwegian Bokmål’ and add ‘Norwegian Nynorsk’ as a separate

Thanks for clarification. In the wiki, please change the language
strings as needed!

Done. What is the purpose of the ‘Mailing list’ column here, BTW? I added my
own e-mail address, so that people can easily contact me. (There does exist a
mailing list for Norwegian Nynorsk translations, but it is not specific to
openSUSE; it covers translation of free software in general.)

Does Nynorsk already appear in the yast language
selection? If not, we probably must enhance yast.

In the Yast language selection (on an installed system) there are two
languages, one called ‘Norwegian’ with the translated name ‘Norsk’,
and one called ‘Nynorsk’, with no translated name.

The preferred language names according to both ISO 639 and the Norwegian
Language Council is

Norwegian Bokmål
Norwegian Nynorsk

(In pure 7-bit/ASCII applications ‘Norwegian Bokmal’ is acceptable, though.)

The preferred *localised* names for the languages/locales are (based on
discussions on the Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk mailing lists)

Norsk (bokmål)
Norsk (nynorsk)

Note that both the capitalisation and the use of parantheses differ between
English and Norwegian.

Regarding the yast language selection, I do not know if the «Norwegian» item
refer to the correct ‘nb’ language/locale code or the deprecated (when it
comes to locales) ‘no’ code. (‘no’ *used* to be the only language code in ISO
639, but ‘nb’ and ‘nn’ was added many years ago. ‘no’ is still useful for
*spoken* Norwegian, but only ‘nb’ and ‘nn’ should be used for written
language, and as locale codes.) A few applications may still have special code
to handle the ‘no’/‘nb’ confusion, but hopefully very few.

The same should be done for the pages.

The stats page is a separate issue. ATM, we must queue all change
requests here: ,
which depends on .

OK. Should I enter a comment here, or will you do it?

Karl Ove Hufthammer
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