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Re: [opensuse-translation] PING (preferred term in German ?) - IS: [opensuse-wiki-de] Repository/Repositorys oder Depot/Depots oder ... : Welche Bezeichnung vorzugsweise (in Artikelnamen und meist im Text)?
2011/5/15 Martin Schlander <martin.schlander@xxxxxxxxx>:
S√łndag den 15. maj 2011 19:13:18 skrev G G:
If it can help, here in Italy we maintain the name "repository" as is. ;)

In Danish we use the equivalent of "software source".

And we try to keep this consistent across YaST, zypper, Synaptic, gnome-
packagekit, KPackageKit etc.
The idea of an consistent use about all openSUSE subproject was what
made me think that (cross)posting here would be an good idea.

The situation in the German wiki is in short (and maybe not objective
- as I would be for Repository, Repostorys):
- In the old wiki were several words used with no real schema to
see/guess for me: Softwarequellen (ca. software sources), Paketdepots,
depots and sometimes also 'Repositories'.
And I thought that this would confuse the reader.
- The one-to-one equivalent to the en: repository, repositories would
be de: Repository, Repositorys - but these words are nearly not used
in the normal German language.
- When the transfer of the article(s) to the 'new' wiki (structure)
was done there was apparently problems with the correct wring of a
more to the English words orientated translation
(even more that in the German versions of the openSUSE software).
- If someone is using a foreign word out of the English language in
German -> there is an old and now official rule the the y has to stay
-> de: Baby, pl.: Babys and so on
- So I asked in the German wiki what the other writers think.

As the mailing list on opensuse-translation-de@xxxxxxxxxxxx seems to
me nearly dead and I thought - I thought it an good Idea to ping also
this international list.



- Martin Seidler
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