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Re: [opensuse-translation] webyast pots are obsolete
Kálmán, while your suggestion is way too generous, it is not what we
need right now, IMHO. This thread clearly demonstrates that more info
from developers is needed, since some translation-related decisions
were taken in a closed-group manner. If translations are done by
Novell team (which is like SLE situation and everybody is fine with
it) then why would we bother to translate files in our repo and waste
human resouces and stats page space on it?

well, if the translations made by novell we have to pick them up. i
don't like the parallel works either.

If translations are kept on
gitorious then why would we bother to keep those files in our SVN-repo
and waste CPU cycles and HDD space on it?

1) gitorious is for developers, frequently changes repository and imho
not worth to follow.
2) the stable or testable code should appears in build service and
this is the nice point where we can jump into for release
3) we need one common place for translations and we just moved here,
let's try to live here

please clarify it someone from opensuse (eg. Karl :)

We definitely have a gap
here with developers-translators communication, so some things need a
little clarifying...


Maybe you could contact webyast devs as a translation coordinator and
ask for some feedback on this?

i am not a translation coordinator,
but i will contact to the novell's localization manager about it, but
they are only responsible for sle products and who knows which version
appears in the 11.4, but i think this is a good start for the
investigation. we are all know in our deep of our heart this is too
late for 11.4, but we have to figure out how the things should work.

Maybe Andreas or Coolo could help on that as well (added them to CC)

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