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Re: [opensuse-translation] Call for Translations
Den Tuesday 31 July 2007 10:34:44 skrev Anne Mc Cluskey:
I'm quite certain that amateur SUSE users and lovers can create higher
quality translations than the professional "translation monkeys".

I presume from this that you have found some issues in the current
translations. If so, can you contact me with examples please? We ant to
ensure these are rectified.

I didn't find grave mistakes directly, but the occurence of typos and small
errors was higher than for our team from what I could tell by quickly
browsing through some of the SP1 translations we were offered to have

Of course I might be biased and I couldn't tell if those errors were actually
introduced by the translators or the "memory".

What bothered me most was that I found no signs of coordination
and "standardization". In the Danish team we have defined fixed translations
for the most commonly used words to ensure consistency, so "Cancel" is not
translated in different ways in each dialog for example. In the novell
language translations I looked at, I saw no signs of such an effort - and
there certainly was no respect for the standards we've defined in our team
wiki-page - which would have been the smart thing to do - since the
translations build upon our 10.2 translations I assume.

Again "memory" might play a part in it, don't want to point fingers at people,
but it seems likely that paid translators will be less diligent than fanboys
who use SUSE themselves, all day everyday and love every minute of it and are
in contact with the community etc. Of course I know little of the background
of these people - at least it seemed from the file headers that they were
using KBabel - which is a little reassuring.
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