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Re: [opensuse-translation] OpenSUSE 10.3 - 1st translation round starts

I will be a somewhat "late" translator for 10.3. However, I can see where
Martin and his Danish friends are coming from. In my case i have usually
always "overruled" the official openSUSE TM by using my own TM, compiled and
maintained locally on my hard disk.

This approach has seldom been a major problem, mostly because I have done the
major part of the openSUSE stuff from scratch and singlehandedly.

However, it has sometimes been a bit annoying when substandard translations
have been merged into new files, replacing former "good" translations. I
don't know about Danish. Still, when it comes to Norwegian and since I have
translated almost everything from scratch for many years, I suspect that the
pollution of official TM's must come from some substandard translation
efforts for SLES and/or SLED outside the SUSE/openSUSE workflow, perhaps from
KDE/GNOME translations also?

Could this assumption be correct, Klára and Karl?


On Thursday 26 July 2007 13:41:16 Martin Schlander wrote:
Den Thursday 26 July 2007 11:57:20 skrev Karl Eichwalder:
Yes, see the attached mails; maybe, they did not make it through.

They did get through, but I somehow missed the part about applying the
changes taking some time. Sorry.

Since it's not feasible to mark all memory stuff fuzzy in 10.3 timeframe,
would it be possible/reasonably easy for you to not use memory on DA at all
when doing the final merge in a week's time?

If it's possible I'll discuss with the team if we want memory or not - I'm
not really sure anymore, seems a matter of "pick your poison".

Do you have any idea how many new/changed strings were in the last merge in
total? On our side we can only tell the amount of new fuzzies/untranslated,
can you say anything about the number of strings merged totally to give us
an idea how much "memory translaton" is done in such a merge, is it 200
strings? 500? 1000? 2000? more?

I guess we can expect fewer new strings in the final merge than the last
one, no?

Checking multi-line helps texts is rather tedious.

True, a huge PITA.

I completely agree with you that that's dangerous and I sure I can
improve the process for > 10.3.

It's a difficult situation..

a) not using memory:
Means a lot of extra work.

b) marking all memory stuff fuzzy
Means quite some extra work - apart from not being an option for 10.3

c) using the memory unconditionally
Means poor quality by reproducing errors of the past, not complying with
current translation team "standards", and some words that are translated
differently in different contexts will look silly (e.g. "volume" can refer
to sound or disk-related stuff requiring very different translation). This
either means a lot less work and acceptance of poor quality. Or it means
you have to proofread everything after the last merge for every release,
which would mean an extreme amount of work, with short time to do it.

I think we (read: you guys) should strive for giving teams an option
between b) and c) in the future.

Apart from pl answering here to the list, I've had discussions with fi and
ru on IRC - they seem to be slightly worried about the issue, but
nevertheless it seems they prefer c)

I'd propose to merge the files on your own, ignoring the memories.

We've already done a lot of work since the merge, I don't want to mess with
it. Primarily worried about the future.
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