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Re: [opensuse-testing] Re: Benchmarking Suse
  • From: Randy Appleton <rappleto@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 02:58:34 -0400
  • Message-id: <8ee93ef80909292358q3937c5eaoc7104de7d7b5f87d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

In my experience, the only real variances in speed are for the
startup, as distributions use different methods and start different
processes. With regard to things such as launching basic applications,
I've never seen a serious statement about this backed up.

Have you ever seen the opposite?  Has anyone tested the distributions
and found they are all about the same speed?  This too would be useful

There will be variances if you are using different desktop
environments, and those kind of results are interesting to see --
particular with regards to memory. Lubos Lunak (an openSUSE/KDE
developer) did some testing into this a _long_ time ago[1].

I'm confused.  I followed the link and read an excellent article about
excess fonts and application slowdown.  And in fact, if different
distributions have different amount of fonts, that would be relevant
and impact performance.   Is this what you mean?

Also, I assume without knowing that there are other ways distributions
can effect the speed of their applications (even if just by installing
different versions with different startup options).  But if everything
is the same speed, I'll just report that.

However, if you are launching the same application in the same desktop
environment on a different distribution (making sure it is the same
app -- which wouldn't work for i.e. searching), I very much doubt
there will be a significant or material difference. But there are some
possibilities, and it might be interesting to just verify or disprove
that, but only if you would investigate why ;-).

Anyhow, with regard to distribution boot times, I ran a test some time
ago on the differences between the boot times from some of the popular
distributions[2]. An update on something like that probably would not
take too long and it would be interesting.

Yep.  And one thing I'd very much like to do is get the data to Suse developers.

Francis Giannaros

I love these suggestions.  Anyone have any more?
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