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[opensuse-support] Sata SSD physical sector size shown as 512bytes? And other stuff when moving root drive to new physical drive.
  • From: cagsm <cumandgets0mem00f@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 18:46:52 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
Hi list,
had thought that all SSD actually had like 4kilobytes as physical
sector size and only 512bytes emulation stuff.

My leap 15.0 machine upgraded the hardware of the root disk to SSD
from HDD. fdisk -l now shows 512/512 for both logical and physical of
this root disk.

With the help of gparted distro, I have migrated, copied, over the /
and /home partitions from the old HDD to the new empty SSD. Created,
enlarged the partition sizes, and marked the / as bootable, and then
used the rescue system of Leap 15.0 bootmedia to mount all that stuff,
addtl proc sys and dev ans --rbind and then chroot into the system.

Then added some grub2 stuff to make the mbr bootinfo be written again
and at the end mkinitrd.

All went basically fine (using /dev/disk/by-uuid/ mostly everywhere in
/etc/default/grub and in /etc/fstab ).

I basically followed the KB articles:

But now I am wondering if I need to consider more stuff when making
the switch from HDD to SSD, or did I do bascially just fine?

fdisk shows as 512/512 as stated above and the bootlogging (dmesg -e
or journalctl -b ) show some weird stuff for this new SSD early during
bootup with those ata.1 lines printing some drivenotready or something
I can look up later to be precise.

This error didnt show when using the HDD. Now I wonder if my SSD is
too new for the sata chipset of the rather oldish motherboard or if
something else is missing.

Everything is working as AHCI according to bios and settings but I
never mess much with this.
Any hints into this?

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