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[opensuse-support] resolution change - resize and reposition windows
Hi *,

is there a feature in plasma5 or a tool that is able to reposition and
resize windows relative to a resolution change of the root display?

I had the problem, that after switching between my internal notebook
screen and my external monitor plasma itself (except for the widgets)
resized its elements properly, but all my running windows are too big or
too small and have the wrong position.
Though I switched off the notebook screen via xrandr in the sddm config
scripts and also in kscreen, this also happens when switching off and on
the external monitor. After having switched off the monitor, the
notebook screen remains dark, but when I switch it on again, the
notebook screen flickers for a few seconds, before the external monitor
displays the screen. This short time is enough to switch resolution back
to the notebook screen and forth again to the external monitor -
resulting in wrong positioned and sized windows.

In the meantime I assembled a few pieces found on the internet and this
way got a working, but very ugly solution:
A small program is listening via xlib functions to configure events and
when it notices a change in resolution it runs some external script or
program. The external script (in my case) checks for all running windows
with certain properties and resizes and repositions them.
The main problem with this solution is, that it is too slow. If the
resolution changes more than one time in a given period, we have more
than routine running that wants to resize and reposition windows
resulting in a mix up.

So what I'm really looking for is a solution built into plasma itself or
a tool that works fast enough.

Thx for reading :)

Michael Hirmke
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