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Re: [opensuse-support] Tumbleweed - Plymouth: No splash screen on boot
Hi Andrei,

13.01.2019 19:38, Michael Hirmke ?????:

I didn't care in the past for the missing plymouth boot screen on all of
my Tumbleweed clients, but lately I installed a new notebook with an
encrpyted root partition. Now I'd like to see the splash screen and
escpecially the graphical password prompt for the encrypted root
I followed a lot of hints from the internet, but didn't succeed - no
boot splash at all. I get a splash screen during shutdown now, though.

What exactly do you see during boot?

I see in this order:

- the DELL logo
- the grub boot menu
- the DELL logo again
- some boot messages (including the message that plymouth has been
- the prompt for the encryption passphrase
- some more boot messages
- the graphical sddm login screen

Michael Hirmke
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