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Re: [opensuse-support] updatedb now fails for regular user with local db
On 28/11/2018 23.04, Christian Boltz wrote:

Am Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 14:27:06 CET schrieb Ralph:


I guess I am going to have to change my method of naming
backup copies of edited system files :-/

For AppArmor profiles, the best strategy is to move them out of
/etc/apparmor.d/ (actually I'd recommend that for all /etc/whatever.d/

Since Carlos asked - suffixes that get ignored by the AppArmor tools
(aa-logprof etc.) are: skippable_suffix = (
'.dpkg-new', '.dpkg-old', '.dpkg-dist', '.dpkg-bak', '.dpkg-remove',
'.pacsave', '.pacnew',
'.rpmnew', '.rpmsave',
'.orig', '.rej',

Ah, jstar uses '~' so I'm safe :-)

May I suggest you add ".bak"? I think some editors use it, but I don't
know which.

libapparmor (and apparmor_parser, if you give a directory as parameter)
also ignores these suffixes.

However, you accidently found a bug ;-) - the script that loads the
profiles doesn't ignore *.orig and *.rej files. I just submitted
so that the next maintenance release will fix this.


(As a sidenote - if you'd have used a not-ignored extension for your
backup file, aa-logprof would have complained about having two profiles
for the same program.)

Well, that's good, it detect duplicates. I think I have experienced this
some time in the past.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 42.3 x86_64 "Malachite" at Telcontar)

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