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Re: [opensuse-support] How start VPN automatically?
07.11.2018 5:12, José Guilherme Vanz пишет:
Hi guys,

In my machine all the network connection does not connect automatically.
Except my VPN (openvpn), which has the connection.autoconnect: flag enabled:

The nmcli connection show output: VPN

connection.uuid: 5e089af9-75ad-40a6-bc2c-a5541b538f38

connection.stable-id: --

connection.type: vpn

connection.interface-name: --

connection.autoconnect: yes

connection.autoconnect-priority: 0

connection.autoconnect-retries: 0 (forever)

connection.auth-retries: -1

connection.timestamp: 1541556266 no

connection.permissions: user:myuser --

connection.master: --

connection.slave-type: --

connection.autoconnect-slaves: -1 (default)

connection.secondaries: --

connection.gateway-ping-timeout: 0

connection.metered: unknown

What I would like to do is connect the VPN automatically every time I connect
to a network. How can I do that? Is the autoconnect flag enough for that?

To activate VPN NM needs to know its base "physical" connection. You
define VPN connection which should then be activated in properties of
"physical" connection. It is connection.secondaries property which
refers to VPN connection(s). In GUI it is "Automatically connect to VPN
when using this connection" in General tab.

Nowadays I need to connect manually.


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