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Re: [opensuse-support] Tumbleweed : Console Large Font
ellanios82 composed on 2018-10-01 22:11 (UTC+0300):

Felix Miata wrote:

ellanios82 composed on 2018-10-01 16:02 (UTC+0300):

 on kind suggestion of Greg , have been using
 - any ideas please : where to download a Larger Font ?

Is this question being asked because you are using a 4K or other HiDPI
Lowering the screen resolution on the vttys (only) is a convenient way to
enlarge the fonts, what I've been doing for two decades. Standard font on a
screen is 1/4 the size of the same font on a 1920x1080 screen.
video=1440x900 on
the kernel cmdline is my typical choice to get nice size vtty fonts. You can
the e key at the Grub menu to test different resolutions before configuring
permanently via YaST or /etc/default/grub.

 Your above is too 'advanced' for me to understand :

:-( If you are interested in understanding, let me know where you got lost. :-)

 i think my screen is in VGA mode , as that is all my video-card will do.

Highly unlikely. If it was (640x480) almost certainly you would not be seeking
larger vtty fonts.

 root command #hwinfo --monitor outputs :

That reports what the display supports, not the video card. Try

hwinfo --framebuffer

On older openSUSE releases, somewhere around 12.3 or older, you could do:


To find out the row and column count on the vttys. VGA is still 80x25. On a HDTV
screen (1920x1080) by default it would normally be 240x67 (due to size 16 font).

Fbset is still part of Debian and Fedora distributions, and there is an openSUSE
rpm in various discontinued repos that I use. I even complained is was missing
from current repos just a few hours ago:

ISTR you started a similar thread last winter. I tried to find a better
solution, tried to find out why fbset was absent and if there was a replacement
for it, but never did got an answer from my most recent attempt:


Now people can sometimes (depending on version) get the vtty rows and columns
this way:

inxi -Gxx
inxi -Fxz
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