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Re: [opensuse-support] configuration of ipv6 forwarding
09.09.2018 00:13, Adam Mizerski пишет:

Earlier you said that connectivity to outside world works correctly.
Does it mean only ping fails? Can you connect to any IPv6 using TCP/UDP?

strace of both successful and failed ping invocations would be useful.

Pings and everything works correctly before I start (and after I stop)
WireGuard interface.

here are strace outputs:

sendto() fails immediately with EDESTADDRREQ which makes no sense
because destination address *is* provided. I cannot reproduce it at all.
If I create the same configuration (to the extent rather scarce details
you provided allow) I get "Network is unreachable" when explicitly
selecting the second interface without default route. And for the first
interface I either get timeout or address unreachable depending on which
gateway I set (I get address unreachable if I set dummy gateway with
real public address).

Something must be different on your system. You say VPS - is it some
sort of container? What platform does it run on?

It's not only ping failing. "curl -6" gives error:
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: No route to host

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