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Re: [opensuse-support] new tumbleweed installation will only run plasma desktop
* George from the tribe <tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [07-16-18 21:59]:
So, I decided to install tumbleweed on my laptop... very pleased in
general... seems to run faster, I can use my mousepad for the first time in
a year, adapted better to the generic amdgpu driver, so the graphics look
more crisp and clean. Nice. The install was an upgrade from 42.3 via zypper
dup after setting up all the tumbleweed repos and removing the 42.3 repos.

But there are a few problems to get around. The first one is that I can only
run the plasma desktop. I tried booting up and loading LXDE and XFCE, but
when I login to either of those from the display manager, the screen goes
black. I get a mouse cursor, but nothing else. When I hit ctrl-alt-double
backspace to kill X, the actual LXDE or XFCE screen will pop up for about 30
seconds, and then it will go back to the display manager.

A possibly related problem - /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager says this:

# Here you can set the default Display manager
# all changes in this file require a restart of the displaymanager

However, the display manager doesn't actually look like it is sddm. It looks
like it is gdm. I mean, it really is the gnome display manager and not sddm,
unless sddm has been changed in tumbleweed to be exactly like gdm. I don't
know if that is related to the problem of not being able to run any other DE
besides plasma or not.

to change the display manager from sddm, you must run:
update-alternatives default-displaymanager
update-alternatives default-xsession.desktop

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