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Re: [opensuse-support] boot priority on (Intel) iMac
On 07/13/2018 01:47 AM, Felix Miata wrote:

That's sounds like what I call stealing. zypper up, KDE updater, etc.
change booting except as minimally required when a new kernel is installed.
you saying initial installation and yast2 bootloader alterations are the only
times "reinstallation" occurs? Are the latter primarily or entirely calls to

Reinstall uses "efibootmgr" to add a boot entry. And "efibootmgr"
always puts the new entry first. That's what causes this "stealing".

A reinstall of booting is the only thing I have seen that opensuse does
to affect this. It is reinstalled via yast-bootloader, via a command
line use of "grub2-install" or "shim-install". And it is reinstalled
when any package in the chain has been updated. I've only seen that
happen for updates to "grub2-efi" and updates to "shim".

Back in the era of openSUSE 12.3, booting was reinstalled by running
"mkinitrd". I complained about that, and they changed that. So
currently, a kernel update does not reinstall booting -- it only updates
the boot menu.

Plus, this thing is famously slow to POST and get the first boot menu to
rEFInd looks like a menu Apple built, so I want it to be and stay first.

I don't know of a way to make it stay first.

On one of my computers (a Lenovo ThinkServer), it does stay first.
That's because the firmware changes the boot order back on every boot.
To make a permanent boot order change, I have to go into BIOS setup.
But actually, I rather like that the order stays fixed. This change of
boot order is an annoyance and a misfeature of UEFI, in my opinion.

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